21 januari 2011

Comfort in a Cup

Is your cup half empty or half full ?

Do you know about the new take of
your cup is too big

Rather interesting, isn't it ?

Happy Weekend !

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65 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm a half full gal but usually I feel like it is overflowing. I know much joy.

  2. Oooooo Saskia!!!! Dit vind ik zooooo'n mooie tas!!!! Zag ze eerder al op blogs en zo...

  3. I have moments of "the tap is going dry!" but most days I'm a "half-full or overflowing and can't believe it so have to pinch myself" kind of person!

  4. Always half full! Your half full teacup with the heart is so cute, just like you!


  5. Oh, I hate to be the first to say half empty. This only applies when things start to go wrong and then I immediately think that things are going to go very wrong indeed. My Other Half though is the complete opposite - forever the optimist, which means that we're well matched!
    We counter balance one another!

  6. Anoniem21/1/11

    Kisses and hugs from snowy Croatia!
    Happy weekend:)

  7. Half full, for sure!!! It is true I enjoy tea so much that my cup is always going over...but then I run fast and boil some more water!!!:o)
    The cup you have up there is soooooo lovely, dear Friend!!! Oh, pure delight! I wonder how infinite options of porcelain and China you have in Europe! I will certainly buy some while in there!!!
    Saskia, dear, the sky in coming down...it is rainimg so so sooooo much around here! Good for sewing (it is always good for sewing!!!:o)
    Aila is already sleeping. She grows fast, smart and by now she wants to be a ballerina!
    Now I must go! My phone is ringing...love U!!! Oh, love the comment on Susi's blog!!! Dank!!! Love!! Bela

  8. I try to keep my cup half full ~ This little sweet cup would definitely be full!~;-)

  9. i love BIG cups to drink out of but love pretty little cups to look out and half full ♥

    happy weekend sweet friend ♥

  10. HI Saskia,
    The cup is half full! Great pic!
    Have a lovely weekend, my friend.

  11. Happy Thursday Saskia!
    Such a lovely teacup, so Saskia ;)

    There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea. ~Bernard-Paul Heroux

    Wonderful post!
    gi gi

  12. I like to think of myself as a glass is half full kind of a gal ~ and the bigger the cup ~ the better! :)
    xo Catherine

  13. I like a full cup of tea.
    I look at life as a cup full of wonderful things.

  14. A cup of Love. :-)



  15. definitely half full, saskia. love that pretty teacup with the sweet red hearts, and the sweet tea tag! you find the prettiest things.

    i hope you have the loveliest of weekends, my friend.

  16. Hi Saskia!
    Oh your teacup is so adorable!
    My cup is half full ... many times very full and overflowing ~ I too feel so blessed * just to think of having a home and loving family makes me feel so full of JOY ♥
    bless you today and always, dear Saskia!

  17. It all depends on what's in the cup ;)

  18. Half full...and sometimes too full. I try to do too much, but always enjoy it! I love the cup, by the way. Enjoy your tea!

  19. Happy Weekend to you, too, Saskia! I'm a "cup half full" kind of gal, too! Only rarely do I feel like a "half empty" kind of gal, and I don't like feeling that way, AT ALL! I usually can get myself back, though, really fast!

  20. oh that's great. haven't heard that yet. my cup is
    often too small. :)

  21. Ok...all I see is that lovely tea bag...with that sweet heart and the green string...what kind of tea might that be my friend!!!? I want a BIG mug of that! Love tea! xoxoxo Happy weekend ...enjoy it...they go way too fast...teachers retreat tomorrow...no school just a bit of fun. Hugs. xoxoxo

  22. May your cup always be big to hold all the joy! happy weekend Saskia!!

  23. heb net een grote mok met thee op heerlijk!!!

    Fijn weekend groet Stina

  24. Hij kan me eigenlijk nooit groot genoeg zijn...

  25. Anoniem21/1/11

    Zo'n grote kop lijkt me wel handig ... vooral als 't ie tot de rand toe vol is, want m'n eigen kopje is momenteel helemaal leeg! ;)

    Fijn wiekent!
    Liefs Sas

  26. The big cup is half empty,but using a little cup is full...ihhhhh ihhhh If we change our position to watch something it will change !.

  27. Wat mooi weer meis.
    bij mij is die half vol.
    ik wens je een heerlijk weekend
    Lifes Margarita

  28. I fill my cup..only with joy!! Have a great weekend/ Eva

  29. My cup is too big....but never big enough ??? toch ??

    Hhahahahah!! fijn gezellige heel leuk weekend Sassie van me........en als je hier komt theeleuten krijg je dezelfde kop !!....hahahahahha!! liefs van mij.....xxx...xx..x....

  30. Weet je wat ik nu ga doen ... ik sprint naar de kantine en ga even een nieuwe kop thee halen, jammer toch dat ze hier niet van die mooie theekoppen hebben, gelukkig wel heel veel theesoorten :-)

    Groetjes en een heel fijn weekend, Colinda

  31. jaaa half vol hoor!! en dan vooral in zo'n leuke kop haha!!

    fijn weekend!
    lieve groet, Tjitske

  32. Right now I am just trying to find the cup... never mind work out if it half empty or full. Sigh. :)


    Oh dearest, my cup runneth over! But when I start sipping at it, it is HALF FULL....there is no other way for me to see it, and for that, I am glad! And I MUST have a large mug for my tea. Even though I admire dainty little tea cups as collector's items, I CANNOT drink from them! I NEED A NICE BOWL like the French use to enjoy my tea!

    Oh dearest, my rooms are almost done, but the painting is taking so long! My sweet husband is still painting and is doing his best to finish, but it is quite the chore. Soon, SOON it will be done!!!

    What do you have planned for the weekend? I so wish to be creative, but with this project of painting, I will probably have to help him out...poor dear, he has been at it alone!


  34. Hello Saskia,
    oh my, I love the new idea, the cup could be just too big. LOL. I will remember that if I need.
    Thanks for the epiphany.
    Greetings, Johanna

  35. Half full... for sure!!! Love that heart cup!
    Have a great weekend,xo xo

  36. Hi Saskia..such a beautiful post! My cup..is always overflowing with abundance and I feel grateful!!
    HUgs..have a most happy day and a magical wkd!!

  37. I love your cup sweet Saskia and it is always half full!

    I love drinking out of beautiful tea cups, they make a difference to the taste I think, but as I love my tea I just have to have more.... However I do have a tall thin mug as well that I love to drink form, hot and black, simple but perfect. Now I think I must go and put that kettle on!!!

    Enjoy your hot cups of tea and have a joyful Friday my beautiful friend. xoxo

  38. ...che idea meravigliosa, la tua tazza!
    Buon week end, bacioni cara!

  39. I love it! I dream of collecting cups some day!

  40. Ik zit net aan een kopje thee, jou thee kop is er mooi. Fijn weekend Lieve Groetjes Esther.

  41. Hoi Saskia,

    Het liefste schenk ik volle kopjes ;-), maar mijn eigen kopjes zijn altijd halfvol!!!

    De appeltaart van de middelste was helaas mislukt. Wat er nu precies verkeerd is gegaan weten we niet, maar de smaak van het deeg was zo vreemd!! Gelukkig is ze niet ontmoedigd en gaat ze volgende week weer een nieuwe poging wagen.

    Een heel gezellig weekend! Hopelijk krijgen we een zonnetje!

    Veel lieve groetjes van Madelief xox

  42. Hello dear Saskia, as always your post is full of joy! And I can say I do count my blessings, so my cup is actually overflowing! Hope you and your dear ones will spend a lovely weekend, hugs and kisses, Lori xxx

  43. Hi sweet Saskia!!

    Hope your cup is half full and you have a wonderful weekend!! And talking about cups...this one is so cute!!!


  44. Hey lieve Saskia,ik wil samen met jou tea drinken uit zo'n mooi kopje,prachtig met het hartje!geniet van een heel mooi weekend with lots of beautiful moments,ik wens het je van harte....hier de kaarsjes en lekker gezellig weer.....dikke knuff...*-* xxx

  45. I love big tea cups!!! Yours is adorable!

    I hope your weekend is full of goodness!!!

    XOXO Gloria

  46. Mijn kopje is om deze tijd leeg en er staat nu een halfvol glas.
    Ik bewonder je om je originele berichten en je super foto's.
    Dat mag ook wel eens gezegd worden!!

    Ik wens jou een spannend weekend.


  47. "Your cup is too big!" I like it!!
    I had a big cup of coffee with my aunt and cousins today. So much is shared between sips. :) :) :)
    Happy Weekend! Blessings!!

  48. Well, you caught me at just the right time...my cup of hot coca is now empty! LOL

  49. Hi Saskia, wat een mooi kopje met het hartjes! Mijn is half vol.
    Would like een lekkere thee met jou heden.
    Ik wens je een heerlijk weekend, stay warm and cozy! Liefs :)

  50. Half vol.
    Wat een mooi hartelijk kopje.
    Fijn weekend, lieve groet

  51. "Bellissimo" means beautiful...are you learnig Italian?.I have to improve my english,you are welcome,I'll teach you my language and you will help me in English!!.Bye.

  52. Wat een mooi kopje Saskia, het mijne was pasgeleden erg vol hoor....net niet over het randje, maar nu is het weer precies goed..niet te leeg en niet te vol ;-)
    fijn weekend verder,
    liefs van Ester

  53. Hello Saskia, what lovely news of you coming to Paris, would love to have a glimpse of you but would not like to spoil it for your meeting with former colleague. Hope the day is sunny for you! If you need me to help in any way and can be useful, then please do not hesitate! Love, Lori xxx

  54. Delightful tea cup and a design I haven't seen before. There is a wonderful book by Joyce Rupp, using the cup as a symbol for growth and for prayer.

  55. Half full here too! Love the cups! Have a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  56. MA BELLE!!!! MIJN VRIENDIN, LIEVE SASKIA! I just got home from a most INTERESTING AFTERNOON! I was to meet a blogger friend who lives rather far from my house. I GOT LOST and then I hit a car!!!! Everyone is safe and sound, but OH DEAR!

    Dearest, I got something in the mail.......something from THE NETHERLANDS! I will take a quiet moment after Ruben finishes showing me his painting, and I will open it with much joy. WOW, the mail takes a long time to travel between us! I finally got a sweet package from the Dutchess who also mailed her parcel on Dec. 18th!!!

    THANK YOU, DANK U VOOR your comments! TU ES MON AMIE QUE J'AIME BIEN; Saskia, tu me soutiens toujours, et je t'embrasse ma belle!

    Je reviendrai plus tard....GROSSES BISES, Anita

  57. Hi Saskia, yes, the book by Joyce Rupp is "The cup of our life", and about 6 years ago a small group at my church read it together, a chapter at a time, and each time we met we brought our favorite cup with us. My cup has a red heart on it, so I really identified with your pretty cup.

  58. Hoi Saskia,

    Ik vind vooral je foto's zo mooi aan je blog. Die kleuren.. echt om vrolijk van te worden! Ik ga je zeker volgen!
    Groetjes Floortje

  59. dag Saskia

    Bedankt voor uw reactie op mij blog,
    deze site ziet er ook erg mooi en verzorgd uit.

    Groetjes, Joop

  60. Beautiful cup :)
    I like big cup of tee and small on espresso with a litte milk.

  61. That cup is the sweetest! Im planning to make myself a cup of tea right now:) Happy Tuesday, sweetie

  62. definitely my cup is full

    especially when i visit your blog :o)


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