10 september 2010

The Summer season is almost closing ....

Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn
Elizabeth Lawrence

Autumn is just around the corner,
the first leaves already turned yellow and fell down.
My favorite tree in the middle of the backyard
will soon be leafless.
I adore the silhouette of the bare branches !


58 opmerkingen:

  1. Autumn is coming soon for sure...I love fall leaves...Such a sweet images, my dear:)
    Hope you are having a wonderful week so far:)
    Kisses and hugs

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  2. Brazil only has 2 stations, Summer and Winter/Rainy season... I am missing Autumn to bits!

  3. We have autumn in Arizona but not really here in the city. I have to drive about 2 hours north but it is totally worth it. Nothing like watching the seasons change, it always makes me feel invigorated to start something new.

  4. Hi Saskia, my sweet friend!! I don´t know why, but this year I´m looking forward to autumn, maybe it´s because this summer has been so hot that now I just want to wear my jacket again!

    Beautiful quote, the warm colours of the autumn´s leaves are perfect to draw and paint them!

    Hope you have a lovely afternoon!!

  5. I do too...but I am not ready for snow! This summer of 2 weeks was way to short! ;D

  6. I love Fall!!!
    Have a good week..

  7. I always love falling leavs, maybe I am an autumn girl, lovely quote your shared. Thanks!

  8. Saskia,
    I already have piles of leaves in my yard ready for raking! Where did the summer go? However, i love to see the changes that fall brings to the landscape. Happy Wednesday! xx

  9. brrrr some days are cold! some are sooo hot! ...I walked out with a sweater the other day and it was scorching! Lesson learned, now its time to always watch the forecast on television because we never know what the weather is up to right now!


  10. Hi Saskia,
    I received your message. I'm waiting the postman!
    In Brazil, we don't have Autumn with yellow leaves...
    Here, in September is Springtime!
    Have a lovely day.

  11. noooo I don't want it to end yet! i'm holding on!

  12. So clever of you to think of how pretty the leafless tree looks, instead of mourning the loss of its' leaves. I'm looking forward to autumn too, Saskia!


  13. Nooo...non voglio che l'estate finisca...certo anche l'autunno è magico, ma io amo l'estate!
    Buona serata

  14. Jajaja dat word binnenkort kastanjes zoeken .....de herfst heeft wel wat das waar.....ik vind de kleuren erg mooi !! maar heb toch liever de zomer.....het allerliefst het voorjaar,.....dat vind ik het mooist als alle knoppen komen......lieve Sassie....een hele fijne rest van de week en weekend.....wij gaan een paar daagjes naar Friesland....er even tussenuit....dan weet je dat vast...waar ik ben enzo......hahahahhahha!! liefs Ria....allerliefste Sassie van me...xxxxxxxx.........

  15. Gorgeous...happy autumn..soon!

  16. I love Autumn and falling leaves! I have a special place in my heart for trees...with leaves, or with their bare branches. They are such a beautiful creation!
    Enjoy watching those leaves fall from your pretty tree!
    Blessings to you,

  17. I agree, Autumn is my favorite season. I can't wait for the salmon to start spawning in the creek, I love to watch them return. Beautiful photo!

  18. Hey Saskia.... thanks for stopping by my blog with your comment, glad I am not the only one who loves dancing the rain... What a great blog you have... love it... Going to sign up as your latest followers... Hope you will come back and visit me some time.


  19. Beautiful! just love this picture.. Can't wait for all the comfy coziness that comes with the cooler weather!
    xo tash

  20. I adore when the leaves change! It's so gorgeous and makes me want to have pumpkin spice lattes and make cozy fires and carve pumpkins!

  21. The trees will be exploding with color before we know it!!! I love this time of year. It's still to hot here in Baltimore.
    Have a great day.

  22. Hi Saskia!
    Yes, there is JOY to be found in each season ~ some of the early bird trees have changed here too... just a bit.
    The real POP will be in October.
    I always say little prayers for my apple trees during the worst of the winter... They are so brave in the cold ♥
    Wishing you sweet autumn smiles~

  23. Leaves have yet to turn over here.

  24. Love the weathered bench. Yipee for Fall Time.

  25. Oh, I love summer, but I also LOVE the fall!

    I just read your last post, and I had to laugh! I lost an earring in the ocean this summer and now I have been mixing and matching! I have 4 holes and 4 different earrings! They are similar, but they don't match! I don't think anyone has noticed! FUN!

  26. I like autumn. Windy and enchanted.

  27. Anoniem9/9/10

    I always notice this too. I told my husband the other day ... look leaves are falling... Fall is approaching! He looked at me and said ... it's 90 degrees outside ... fall is no where in site!

    But nature is getting herself ready ... Fall is around the corner.
    Beautiful picture!


  28. Nou hier is ie al goed gearriveerd hoor en laat zich door niemand niet tegenhouden!

    Liefs Claudia

  29. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons here in our town Saskia. Enjoy those beautiful coloured leaves. Huge hugs sweet lady ~ Tina xx

  30. Goedemorgen Saskia,het zal er zeker van komen meid maar nu schijnt heer weer heerlijk het zonnetje,ik zal ze effe sturen voor je!dank je wel voor je mooie foto weer en geniet van een mooi dagje...


  31. Hoi Saskia, mooie foto. Ik hou ook erg van de herfst met al zijn mooie kleuren en binnen gezellig alle kaarsjes weer aan. Lieve groetjes Esther.

  32. Hi Saskia, I too love tree silhouettes, something so special about them set against the sky. I'm having a giveaway over on my blog if you want to hop along. Catherine x

  33. What a pretty blog!
    For me you can't beat spring for trees, bright green makes me happy.
    Thank you for stopping by, lovely to meet you.

  34. I too enjoy the bareness of the season to come; there is a magic in it all...Anita

  35. Mooi he, hoe het licht dan heel anders in je huis valt ;) enjoy

  36. Saskia, your eyes have not deceived you...I am up!!! YESTERDAY, I WOKE UP AT 3:00am my time! TOday, 3:30am......I have to take my husband to work then go across town to my job to get into my classroom by 6:15am. Crazy, uh? But I get a lot done, and I am a "morning person" so, I am very productive. The first two days went well, but I will have to find balance as it is NOT healthy to go at the pace that I am going, ALL YEAR LONG!

    Thank you dearest for asking......have a sweet day! Anita

  37. Happy Autumn to you Saskia and thank you for your lovely comment.

  38. Het is weer herst heeft ook zijn charmes. Maar toch ben ik blij dat het bij ons allemaal net even wat langer duurt voordat dit proces zich in werking zet!

  39. Herfst mmmmmmmmmm,ja het heeft wel wat.
    De kleuren daar houd ik het meeste van maar,zit nu eigenlijk te bedenken dat de zomer veelste kort geduurd heeft.

    gr van ons

  40. Hi! I love Autumn too. I've got so many more cold weather clothes than summer things and can't wait to dig into them.

  41. Oh yes....time does not stop for anyone...where does it go??? Fall is such a pretty time of year...I too look forward to the change..and feel blessed we have seasons.

    My life has gotten so busy now once again..I want it to slow down so I can enjoy the changes.
    Hugs my friend for a great day...I am off and running........xoxo

  42. Hoi Saskia,

    Van mij mag het nu ook herfst worden. Het is ook weer heerlijk om in huis aan het rommelen te zijn. Ik ben wat aan het experimenteren met bakken en koken en ga binnenkort ook maar weer eens wat schilderen in huis! Het is daar nu het perfecte weer voor. Met de meisjes gaat het goed. Het is voor Li wel even wennen in Den Haag, maar ik hoop dat het goed komt! Ik hoop dat met jou kinderen ook alles goed gaat?

    Een gezellige avond!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  43. Dear Friend Saskia,

    I am pretty sure Autumn is bringing you all fun and beautiful landscapes ever!!! Cozy home, tight hugs from your little bees and warm cups of the best tea! I am feeling better today, sweet Friend, and I want to thank you for the prayers and lovely words you always write to me. Merci beaucoup!!!
    Thinking of a special date treat I am!
    Special date???? Surprise, dearest Friend!!!
    Kisses always!! Bela.

  44. Saskia, thank you so much for visiting my blog and the lovely comments you left. I love your beautiful Joy!

    Autumn is truly so beautiful to fall into after Summer, we are heading into Spring full of new life and beginning. The silhouettes of the bare trees I love as well, there is a hidden beauty found there.

    I hope you have a wonderful autumn day. xx

  45. You are so right sweet Saskia ~ summer is closing and fall is here. The leaves are turning colors quickly. I wish fall lasted longer, as it is truly my favourite time of year!

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend!
    xo Catherine

  46. We really do need to take a break, sit back, and watch the fall get here!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  47. your autumn has arrived so far before ours.
    we are still enjoying summer!

    i adore the sweet earrings from your last


  48. I love fall! there are so many nice colors!bonne nuit.CATHERINE

  49. Hi Saskia! Ik zie nu pas dat jij een berichtje hebt achtergelaten op mijn blog, sorry hiervoor! Ik ben wel gelijk je nieuwste volgster geworden want ik vind het leuk om ook de blogs van nederlandse dames te lezen en jij schrijft ook in het engels! Als ik meer tijd heb, lees ik al je posts, dan ben ik helemaal bij. Groetjes uit Zwitserland! Maureen

  50. Hi Saskia
    I love the four seasons but alas in sunny Florida we don't experience the four seasons as intense as in some northern and southern parts of the world! Your back garden looks lovely.....the small part that I can see....the bench, green grass and green leaves of the tree!
    I :)

  51. I am so ready for cozy wonderful fall!
    Have a pretty day!

  52. I`ve been trying to remember the name of that tree... gosh, I have many of them at my garden!!!! well... they are so pretty when they turn yellow or red, depending on the variety.
    We are so happy about spring arriving in our part of the world!!!

  53. I love the starkness of bare branches as well Saskia. They give us such beauty in the Winter landscape.
    You take the most beautiful picture!

  54. Autumn is my absolute favourite too, my neighbours had a beautiful tall liquid amber that looked stunning and ghost like during winter, I looked forward to it every year. I came home one day and they were cutting it down,I couldn't believe it I actually cried. Some people don't see the beauty I guess. Megan xx

  55. I'm counting down the days, Saskia! Autumn and winter are my favorite seasons!! I love the bare branches, and all of winter's quiet, understated beauty. xo Paulette

  56. Saskia,
    What a lovely blog! It’s fun peeking into the lives of others especially from other countries. I’ve visited Amsterdam and hope to return again someday.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and wishing my daughter Heather well. We are very grateful to Robert the man who is going to be her donor. Please keep us in your prayers.
    Hugs, Cathy


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