23 september 2010

Sugar as sweet as you

Have you ever seen this shade of Pink sugar?

My Mr Gieser Wildeman soaks it in greedily
pink sugar to add to the cooking pears so they get the prettiest pink color


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45 opmerkingen:

  1. i have never seen it!! i like it :)

  2. Hoi hoi....zeg 230 !!! mensen al voor je give away...dat word wel een heeeeeeeeeeeeel kleinnnnn kansje lieve Sassie van me.....haahahhaah!!...en dan ga je het midden in de nacht over stoofpeertjes hebben.....eh ik snap het niet.....maar misschien moet ik nodig slapen nu........hahahaha!! liefs lieverd allerliefste slaap lekker..........xxxxxxxxxx......

  3. OMG..That is the first time I see it...Its lovely:)
    Sweet dreams:)

  4. Anoniem23/9/10

    Its lovely!
    Nice dreams.

  5. what perfectly rosy sugar.


  6. pretty!
    i love your photos!!

  7. Anoniem23/9/10

    Im smelling cookies,LOL.Happy Thursday ahead to you!

  8. I love chunky sugar like that (probably too much). I must say, no, I have never seen pretty pink sugar like that. Only the sprinkles you can get for the tops of cupcakes and the sort.

  9. Wow...how beautiful Saskia..awww..so super cute and fun! have a sparkly day!

  10. How pretty your photos are today, Saskia!
    The sugar is so sparkly~ love the way this looks on cookies and cuppy cakes :o)

    The black and white ribbon on the pears is so pretty too ~ what a wonderful photo ~ like a magazine ~ What talented friends I have ♥
    enjoy your sweet children this weekend ~ make some cookies + add sprinkles!
    Bless your beautiful ♥

  11. Hi my friend,
    The fruits' photo is pretty.
    Have an excellent thursday. There is tomorrow already (thursday). Here still is Wednesday.

  12. Pure Joy...pink and sweet.

    Yes my molly will be flying away soon...she goes for 8 mos.....no coming home for Christmas..that will really kill me.

    Thanks for all the well wishes my dear. I really am happy for her!

  13. This is such a happy shade of pink!!!! I love your photos, and your pears look so delicious I would like to eat one!

    Thank you for all of your beautiful comments on my blog they make my heart so happy. I love Elsa Beskow books too, they are so delightful.

    We have been baking a chocolate slice, and I am looking forward to have a delicious cappuccino very soon.

    Have a beautiful day, my friend. xx

  14. the sugar pile kinda looks like some sweet pink lips :) if you use your imagination like you do when cloud gazing. :) :) :)
    SWEET post :)

  15. I still do not know, sweet Friend Saskia, if the first pic shapes a lovely heart or some sweet lips!!! And the pears all dressed up and so posh!!! Your images are always the best, Saskia Friend!!!
    Stormy weather outside! Aila is having sweet dreams. Hubby is having his daily dose of philosophy reading. I brought my note to bed, where it is warm and cozy. I have just had my night tea. Time to rest and start all over tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This thought always gives me faith, sweet Saskia!!! Be fine! Love! Bela.

  16. Those sweet candies sure looked good! I want a mouth full of them!

  17. Sweet colored sugar! Looks yummy! Kellie xx

  18. Roze, mijn lievelingskleur. Ik heb nog stoofperen in mijn bijkeuken liggen, ga dus snel er naar op zoek!

    Liefs Claudia

  19. ...che dolcezza..........
    Ciao e buona giornata!!!!!!!!

  20. oooh heerlijk...ik ga zo naar de groeteboer..
    blijf me verbazen over jou bezoekers op je blog...

  21. hoe zo'n kleurtje ervoor kan zorgen dat iets er nog smakelijker uitziet dan het al is .....collor is importent, liefs irma

  22. What a LOVELY idea - shall try it one day!!!

    HAve a HAPPY day!! Nicola

  23. Lieve Saskia,
    Ik zit hier weer al met een grijns van oor tot oor. Wat een geweldige foto van de peren met strik!
    Ik ben dol op stoofpeertjes. Mmmmmm lekker met gezouten krab.
    Fijne dag
    liefs Ester

  24. Wat een mooie foto's weer, het is altijd een feestje om op je blog te kijken. Wauw zoveel mensen voor je giveaway. Fijne Dag Lieve Groetjes Esther.

  25. WOW, that is a great color of pink..you have such a gift, you and Koralee, to use ONE photo, and make a story around it dearest. I believe I entered your giveaway! HAVE A FABULOUS DAY!!!! Anita

  26. Heerlijk stoofpeertjes, dat mag wel weer zo in de herfst toch?
    Groetjes Corina

  27. Da's een geweldige oplossing ... peertjes rood stoven zonder bessesap maar gewoon met kleurtjes-suiker. Niet dat ze dat hier in het dorp zullen hebben trouwens :-)


  28. Wat gaaf roze suiker. En lekker stoofpeertjes!!
    Bisous et une excellente journée avec beaucoup de soleil.

  29. Yum, pink sugar! I love your photo, Saskia!


  30. Oh jij hebt stoofpeertjes gegeten. Wat heerlijk! Je brengt mij op een idee :-)!

    Met de meisjes gaat het prima. De middelste moet wel heel erg wennen in Den Haag. Het contrast met de Vrije School is erg groot. Jouw kinderen zitten toch ook op de Vrije School?

    Fijne middag & avond,

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  31. I love that pink sugar!
    Your pears are displayed very beautifully with it too...:)
    Sweet first day of Autumn to you!
    Gloria @}~`}~~~

  32. Hey Saskia,ook nog nooit gezien die roze suiker,ik maak mijn peertjes met de witte!leuk je foto's hier weer...kaarsjes aan en geniet van je avondje hé?


  33. Thanks Saskia, also to you a blessed and happy Thursday!
    bjks of Brazil

  34. Dear Saskia

    I must say that I am now inspired to cook fresh pears in pink sugar!
    :) Ixx

  35. Hi Saskia! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog...........And glad that I found yours!
    Health and happiness,

  36. Hi Saskia,
    I think I never see the pink sugar... but it looks nice, especially when it poured to the sweet pear...
    very inspiring!
    Hope you have a wonderful day, my dear friend!

  37. Saskia!!! Oh, you are so dear to come by and wish me a great day! WHEW...what a week! Trying to teach with laryngitis, taking one day off from work, coming back only to be behind like I knew would happen and trying to GET GOING here on Friday morning! Seeing all of your comments gives me such JOY and I wish YOU a splendid and fun weekend with all those you love! BISOUS, Anita

  38. Helaas je hebt het mis. Het is hier grijs en af en toe krijgen we een regendrup op ons dak!

  39. I've never seen this pink sugar - looks promising and fun, just right for friday! Have a lovely weekend. lieve groet. M. :)

  40. I haven't seen sugar like that. It would be so cute for a tea party to have pink sugar!! I hope you have a sweet weekend! xoxo

  41. No, never seen sugar like this color, how lovely... but lots of colorant though...
    maria cecilia

  42. Beautiful, beautiful sugar - makes me want to bake some cookies and use that for their design - love the photo my dear!


  43. Hello Saskia,
    Just stopped in to wish you a wonderful and sunny day. Hope it is filled with pink sprinkles!


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