6 september 2010

Lonely earrings

I already had a lonely socks drawer.
I discovered that
my lonely earrings collection is growing too.
Some of my favorite earrings are no longer.
At the moment I wear these.

What do you do with your lonely earrings?
Or am I the only one?

Hope your week is off to a great start !


54 opmerkingen:

  1. I just keep them as a memory as I dont have the heart to get rid of them...hahah...I hope that maybe one day I will make something of them:) Those are so sweet, my dear
    Have a relaxing evening and sweet dreams:)

  2. These earrings are so pretty!

    I haven't worn earrings in a while...

  3. Om heel eerlijk te zeggen heb ik geen lonely earrings! Echt waar niet.
    Wat een prachtige oorbellen by the way!
    Bonne soirée

  4. Ik heb eigenlijk ook heel weinig oorbellen. Ik heb een lonely one, en een paar draag ik.

    Maar die daar hangen zijn wel erg leuk.
    fijne week, lia

  5. Hi Saskia...awww...Yay...so cute..and yes me too..i have lonely earings...!Many of them!!
    lonely gloves too!

  6. I usually take my lonely earrings to the Thrift shop and hope someone will buy them and make them into something special for a special occassion.

  7. Hoi,hoi,ik heb echt een oorbellentic en heb er dan ook heel veel van.laatst heb ik er een aantal weggedaan maar, ha,ah,kan het niet laten en er weer nieuwe voor terug gekocht.
    Ze zijn erg mooi.

    Lieve gr van ons

  8. What a lovely earings, Saskia...!!
    Wishing you have a beautiful week ahead.

  9. Sadly, I do too. How it happens, I just do not know. It is usually my favorite one that ends up losing its mate.

    The pair in the photo are lovely!

  10. Deze zijn prachtig Sassie.........................echt mooi...........ik heb geen gaatjes en draag ook nooit oorbellen...........kan je niet helpen vandaag..jammer he????......fijne gezellige liefdevolle week lieverd..........xxxxxxxxxxxx.......van mij............

  11. Wat een schattige oorbellen Saskia. Helaas kan ik geen oorbellen verdragen, maar al mijn oorbellen uit de tijd dat het nog wel ging heb ik nog steeds. en echt niet allemaal compleet meer, maar ik kan gewoon niets weg doen.
    De bloemenpoppetjes van je vorige post zijn zo ontzettend leuk. Kunnen zo in een Disney film.
    FIjne week, liefs Ester

  12. There is this teacher .... she makes beautiful little boxes for the birthday-children and she uses earrings or parts from bracelets or jewels to decorate them into little treasury's
    But ....just keep them ...on their own .....
    You never know .....

  13. Alleenstaande sokken op zoek naar hun partner heb ik genoeg en nog altijd geen idee waar nummer 2 zich elke keer verstopt, maar only-the-lonely oorbellen heb ik niet ... verlies er zelden eentje. Die van jou zijn trouwens prachtig!

    Fijne week,

  14. Use them for embellishments. :)

  15. Dear Saskia,
    Nice pictures.
    I love your flower friends, they are so sweet!
    The earrings like it very much ,nice,wonderful.
    have you tinkered it yourself?
    Let me not be angry if i do not write as regulary.
    But i always look in your sweet blog!
    Enjoy the sun even when the autumn announced soon.
    i convey to you dearest regaeds,

  16. als ik de 2de echt niet meer vind, maak ik er iets anders mee

  17. Oh, Saskia...I have so many lonely earrings! I need to gather them all up and do something with them...at least put them in their very own drawer!

    Hope you're having a lovely day!


  18. Anoniem6/9/10

    beautiful work!

  19. Anoniem7/9/10

    Some others have suggested similar. You could pull them apart and use the pieces to create something else. I worked in a jelwellery store and lots of people would bring odd items or unused pieces and we would suggest the gold or silver get melted down to creaet something else or use the stones in a hammerset bangle or in a necklace. Necklace is a nice idea because then you get to carry the memories everyday.

  20. Oh honey, I have so many "lonely earrings". I usually hand them over to my little niece for play time. Those are sweet little earrings btw.

  21. I love that you have a lonely sock drawer too. you could repurpose the earrings or give them away. I think I could probably spare a few pain also.
    Have a great week.

  22. Really, really lovely, lonely earrings!

  23. Hey I have that same problem....I just keep them hoping one will turn up..like my sock box....it grows by the day. Lucky I don't have too many missing ones. xoxo

  24. Hi Saskia!
    First ... I love those earrings! very very pretty!

    For my socks... I bought some of those zipper laundry mesh bags... and I keep my socks in there so that when I wash them, they don't disappear to wherever those socks go! It does help a little...but takes discipline for me to do it!
    My earrings... sometimes it's just sad...and I keep the one for a long time...just to remember and hope, as Koralee does, for the lost one to be discovered

    Hope you are having a wonderful week dear ♥
    love, Maria

  25. i cannot part with a single lonely earring. maybe we should make them into a necklace??? great post!

  26. Saskia!!! Oh, so far, I don't have any lonely earring, but if I did, I would make a hanging earring pendant with the one!!! Oh, these are so pretty that you have intact...keep them safe! Enjoy your week! Anita

  27. prachtig!
    Groetjes Miriam

  28. Eigenlijk niks, ze liggen in een kistje oorbel te wezen!!
    Gelukkig heb ik er niet veel.Ik draag de laatste jaren sowieso alleen gouden oorbellen.Ik heb er een aantal die ik afwissel. Maar daar ben ik er ook al eentje van kwijt!
    Behhhh...REGEN !!!!!

  29. De sokken in een mandje want je weet tenslotte maar nooit, de oorbellen in een potje?

    Liefs Claudia

  30. Dearest Saskia, these earrings are gorgeous and sooo sweet! I too have a thing for earrings and have been collecting them for a while. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  31. Non riesco a sbarazzarmi di nulla...amo anche le cose solitarie!
    Con gli orecchini potresti farci dei ciodoli...
    Buonissima giornata

  32. Ik heb veel oorbellen maar op moment draag ik er geen een.
    De van jou zijn erg lief.


  33. MOOIE oorbellen,ik vind oorbellen erg leuk om na te kijken(heb zelf geen gaatjes). Fijne week groetjes Esther.

  34. Your current earrings are just lovely. Those lonely earrings are the things I use in making my repurposed jewelry so I love to find the singles. I like to give them new life!

  35. lovely earings Saskia! i just keep it in case i come across the other one...one day!

  36. I have many lonely earrings! I hang on to them - I'm not sure why - but I do.


  37. Hi, dear!!! Miss you!!!
    Pretty earings to a pretty lady!!! A box of memories made by lonely jewelry, I guess. They are full of gorgeous stories and much love!!!

    Dear friend, I am not so well. My eyes developed some strange alergy and we (doc and I) did not find out why it has been happening. I apologize for not writing before, sweet Friend Saskia! May be far from computer for some days. Not easy, Saskia!!! rsrsrs(laugs!!)...gonna write a post telling my friends why I am away for so long. Wished you were the first one to know, dear!
    Do not promise I won't visit you!!

    Kisses, sweet saskia!!! Bela.

  38. Anoniem7/9/10

    Saskia...that's a really pretty pair!

    I use orphan earrings for embellies on my cards...they make beautiful centers for flowers or pinned to a bow...if you take a look at the cards I have on my current post you will see earrings on both :D


  39. Anoniem7/9/10

    Hi sasia~ They are pretty earrings.I ususallly save mine that I dont wear, maybe pass them down to the girls.

    Wishing you a nice new week!

  40. Anoniem7/9/10

    Oops I forgot the K in your name.Saskia! there lol.

  41. I have a little box in my closet where I drop "lonely" earrings and broken jewels. I don't know, someday, i may make a big, chunky necklace out of it all...

  42. haha lonely earrings. i usually just throw mine away THEN i find the other one!

  43. Anoniem7/9/10

    I have so many lonely earrings. I just leave them in my jewelry box, and use them as buttons or pins for my clothes. :)


  44. Lonely socks, lonely earrings - can be combined with other lonely things maybe, for a creative and unusual touch ;)

  45. for some reason i just keep them in a drawer... don't know why!

  46. I have used some of my youngest daughtger's earrings (the hoop-looking, dangling ones) tied with a ribbon hanging from vases, lamps, statues, candles...etc. etc...:) The possibilites are endless!

  47. I love earrings and hate when I lose one of them!
    And like other people said, try to do something with these (beautiful) earrings! ;]
    I hope you have a blessed "middle" of week :)

  48. These lonely earring are in my favorite shades, give them to me, LOL! I am just kidding, it is so clever to take a picture like this, love that shadow, so cool!

  49. Hey Saskia,ik ben eindelijk terug in blogland en ik kom je vlug even zeggen dat ik je oorrringen ook heel leuk vind maar zelf draag ik er geen omdat je ze bijna niet ziet met mijn bos haar!!!geniet van je dagje,hier veel regen!


  50. Hi Saskia,
    I can't throw away lonely earrings...maybe one day I'll use them to make something.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. My dad was born in Holland (Appledorn)... then his family moved to New Zealand... and now we live in Australia (where I met my South African husband).
    I'm your newest follower, I love your blog.
    Nikki :D

  51. Hi sweet Saskia,
    I'm happy that you liked my work. It was made with much love and affection.
    Have a lovely Wednesday.
    With much love from Brazil,

  52. I am currently making a jewelry holder out of Manzanita branches. I hope it works well to hang necklaces and earrings from!

  53. Oooh, those are really pretty, Saskia! I save my lonely earrings too, to make something with at a future date...maybe! xo Paulette ;)

  54. i have the same situation, i have many earrings i no longer wear, but they make great accessories to my room, i like to hang them on my walls as decoration, and so they are always in sight and who knows? one day i may have an outfit calling their name~~

    but sometimes i do wish i had more ears to wear all my earrings


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