8 juni 2010

Sweet Treat

My sweet little monkey
adores tractors
Tractor Treats
had to be made
But how to?
I tried cookies,
no success
Oh yes, we did have a lot of fun
but the flavor was not a lot of fun

I came up with cake
Slicing it up
Cutting the tractor out

Now that was fun!
Tasting and looking fun too!
I forgot to take a picture of the tractor cakes
will most definitely create them more often
and will come up with a picture

Let's surround us
with ColoR and tea
Care to join me?

Happy Thoughts! xx

35 opmerkingen:

  1. I would join you anytime, my sweet one!!!

    Too bad you didn´t get that tractor on camera ;).
    I´ll just have to wait til next time =).

    Have a wonderful night, Saskia.

  2. What fun...tractor cakes sound adorable..glad the party was filled with such fun! Oh yes...I could go for a cup of tea right now with YOU!!! How special that would be. xoxoxo

  3. Anoniem8/6/10

    Goed idee! Enne ... wat een leuke theepotten!

  4. Love all the color and your adorable teapots, Saskia!

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!


  5. Hi Saskia!
    Oh what a weekend! I'm tired ...but a "good kind of tired."
    I will join all of you for that tea now :o)
    Your little teapots are adorable!
    How cute that cake must have been... and I'm sure all who enjoyed it were very, very grateful!!!

    I also enjoyed reading your "kind words" post...
    very sweet from a very sweet lady ♥

  6. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.

  7. How beautiful Saskia..so joyful and fun..I love the whimsical magic you add to my day!

  8. Saskia, my friend, the little teapots are something!!! I just LOVE them!!! The colors and everything we think while reading your words. Thank you!! Bela.

  9. This pictures remember me "Alice In The Wonderland"! Colorful and so pretty.
    Have lovely day.

  10. Hi sweet Saskia, how are you doing this week? These cheerful little colorful teapots are just what I needed after a very long day! They are charming! I wish I too could be joining you for tea xoxo Sending you a hug!

  11. What adorable tea pots, Saskia! I would love to have tea with you, and some of those yummy trackor cakes you spoke about too! Have a fun day Sweetie! xo Paulette

  12. You clever girl! I would love to see your tractor cakes sometime:) I hope you have a lovely evening, I am just having my wake up cup of tea. I love tea and your teapot pics are so sweet:) Big hugs to you sweet girl. ~ Tina xx

  13. Those are the cutest little tea pots! And the tractor cake sounds amazing! How sweet of you to do that for him. Come say hi :D

  14. Tractor cakes - how clever! I've never seen a tractor cutter before, but I guess there are plenty I haven't seen before. I love your images.

  15. a tractor cake - how original! Your photos are always so colorful and unique - love them!


  16. Super die theepotjes. Tot gauw, @nne

  17. I'm in! Beautiful color and tea. What more could one want?

    Hope your day is the best!

  18. oh, yes Saskia,
    please pour me a cuppa...I need one today.
    such a very pretty post...love the pretty bright colors, so cheerful...smile on Rosie

  19. Tractor cakes how seriously cute!!

    I would also love to join you for a colourful tea party, any day my friend! :-)

  20. Color and tea sound perfect to me!! I love those cute little tea pots! This post makes me happy. Hope your week is going well!

  21. What a fun day! Love those bright and happy colors!

  22. Wat een leuke thee potjes en de achtergrond is zo lekker kleurrijk, fijne dag groetjes Esther.

  23. Dear Saskia, your teapots are sooo adorable!! I love them!!
    have a fun and colourful day

  24. Ben nu erg benieuwd naar de tractorcake natuurlijk, maar de foto's van de theepotjes omringd met de vrolijkste kleuren maken dat helemaal goed hoor. Heerlijk die kleurtjes, werkt bijna net zo goed als chocolade.
    Liefs Ester

  25. Dear Saskia, I love your little teapot, are so cute!!!
    I would love to see your tractor cakes ;)!!!
    Have a nice day, kiss Annamaria

  26. aha,geweldige theepotten,echt super.

    fijne middag

  27. Thanks for visiting me. The teapots are so colourful and cute!

  28. HI Saskia!
    That's sooo cute... I like the colors!
    I luuuv the picture in ur last post, soo cool and beautiful at the same time! :-)
    Happy day dear!
    xoxoxo alice

  29. It has been so rainy and dull here ~ I am ready for some color! Thank you for sharing Saskia!

    xo Catherine

  30. My older son Robin LOVED tractors when he was small and i always had to draw them for him. He would have liked such a cake!

  31. Anoniem9/6/10

    Hi Saskia!

    one way to surround yourself with colour...is to actually sit down and pull out your colouring supplies...and well, Colour!

    that's what I'm doing today....
    so much fun!

    ciao bella
    thanks so much for coming to see me in my little corner of the world!

    creative carmelina

  32. I don't drink tea - funny. My mother is from England, she drinks several cups a day. I just never took to it. Suppose growing up in the Arizona desert doesn't lend itself to craving hot drinks. I would LOVE to join you for a tractor cake though, sounds fun.

  33. Thank you for visiting my blog, and commenting! Your blog is so very lovely! Those teapots are sweet! :)
    @]~`}~~~ Gloria

  34. Sounds wonderful! I hope you have some left for me! Enjoy your week! ♥

  35. Dear Saskia
    I love the bright colors and also the tea pots...lovely! I can't wait for your photographs of the tractor cakes......! (Please post them when you bake it again!)


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