16 juni 2010

**Pure sweetness**

The little cheese shop in
the nearby village
{where village-made-cheese is sold}
has this cutest corner.
I have to stop over in that corner
each and every time I visit.
Last weekend I found the Sweets
I used to crave.
Pretty pink raspberries, oh so sweet.
I was {and still am a little bit}
on cloud 9
Thanks for the memories, sweet SweetS

I bet you also have lovely memories
on your childhood SweeTs ...

Happy Thoughts! xx

41 opmerkingen:

  1. I still have such a sweet tooth. Childhood memories flood in when I see English and Irish candy. My Irish Nana use to bring bags full whenever she came to visit us here in Arizona. It was magical.

  2. Norwegian Raspberry Candy, American Hershey Bars, Good and Plenty, Peanut Butter Cups.... Oh, my list is so long. What wonderful memories you have brought. :) Thank you.

  3. so happy you found your sweets.

  4. I love salted nut rolls and I just got a recipe to make them! YAY! :D

  5. Mmm how sweet and yummy these cute candies look!

  6. OH YUM! Would love to try these!

  7. Anoniem16/6/10

    Hi saskia!Yum, I have a few memories of favs.I loved licorice and still do,strawberry.Of course I live near Hershey where they make Chocolate so I love that candy as well.

    Happy Wednesday ahead!

  8. Oh I so remember those candies too. Yummmm...I must go look for some. Have a great day sweet one. coco

  9. Hi Saskia!
    I always loved Mary Jane's ... I also love tootsie rolls...
    I can easily get "re-addicted" to those Mary Janes, now that I'm thinking about it :D

    Have the sweetest week! ~Maria

  10. These raspberry treats were one of my favourite too! Along with cinnamon hearts... yum!!! They don't taste the same way as they used to. So sad. :(

    Hope you are having a bliss filled week Saskia!
    xo Catherine

  11. Anoniem16/6/10

    saskia...another sweet post from a sweet girl!
    you are completely charming!

    i want candy!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina...

    i'm celebrating my six month blogiversary today....stop in and "join my joy"


  12. Mmmm...your little sweets look good...I love Red Vine licorice.

  13. Awwww... so sweet! I remember the candy I love when I was young is a milk candy, I called it rabbit sweet!

  14. Isn't amazing how food can evoke such wonderous memories!

  15. oooh, I remember going to the local "milkbar" to buy 20 cents worth of mixed lollies which seemed to fill a paper bag back then :)
    mmmmm, yummm ♥

  16. ja ja, die snoepjes kan ik ook. Mijn moeder koopt ze zelfs nog regelmatig, evenals de peren (ook van die zuurtjes).
    Mijn herinnneringen gaan naar het sigarenwinkeltje op ons dorp. Die verkocht namelijk ook snoepjes. De snoepjes die ik het lekkerst vond worden helaas niet meer gemaakt. De naam was mellow mint en was een vierkant snoepje de ene kant mint en de andere kant caramel. Het zat in een wit papiertje met gouden lettertjes. Het water loopt me in de mond als ik eraan denk.
    Fijne dag,
    Liefs Ester

  17. Anoniem16/6/10

    Grootmoeders snoepjes, net als kaneelkussentjes, botersnoepjes, ... . Mmmmm! 't Water loopt me in de mond!

  18. Hoi saskia,

    Wat een heerlijke post weer, brengt bij mij ook herinneringen boven aan vroeger.....

    Heerlijk zijn die snoepjes :-)

    Een hele fijne dag vandaag, geniet er van!
    groetjes, Yolanda

  19. Ja lekker......................en wat me gelijk te binnen schiet is die gele boter ruitjes?? ken je die..............heerlijk...........moet eerlijk zeggen snoep bijna nooit .........ik koeks wel........ben dol op koekies!!.........fijne snoepige dottige zonnige dag lieffie!!

    Ik ga naar mijn bloemetjes........maar eerst even gauw douchen,..............ben laat !! whahahahahhahaahha!!.....................kus van mij..............xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Wat een leuke lekkere foto. Ik heb net als It's me direct boter babbelaars in mijn gedachten, groetjes Esther.

  21. oh yes Saskia...we were given 50 cents/wk when I was very young. This was spent at the little corner store on "penny candy"....THATS A LOT OF CANDY...yup...we thought we were pretty fortunate ...thanks for this fabulous memory...still smiling...Rosie

  22. Hi sweet Saskia!!! Good memories are always welcome!!! Thank you for refreshing our thoughts through this lovely post. My childhood memories are mostly sweet too...Kisses, Bela.

  23. Zie ik nou ook een blog over de efteling..... ik mis de efteling, ik wil ook weer eens naar de efteling zo lang geleden.... blijft zo leuk.


  24. Haha,every weekend, I had my money and my brother had his part.
    We always went to the candy shop to buy some sweets, together.
    I remember eating them all at once. My brother was a keeper...

    Thank you for making me remember my happy childhood...

    Wish you a wonderful evening!

  25. i love quite a lot of candies i'm afraid! but the one you show us today, i can remember their taste just to look at the picture! hugs catherine

  26. Dear Saskia, your post is sweety, I love candies and them remember me when i was child!!!
    Kisses and more hugs from me, my sweety Saskia, Annamaria

  27. Hoi Saskia,
    mmmmh ja lekker deze snoepjes, in een klein snoepwinkeltje kochten wij nog snoepjes voor 5 of 10 cent, mooie herinneringen...
    Fijne avond nog,lieve groetjes Ingrid.

  28. Hi Saskia,
    My favourite candies since my childhood are the chocolates. I love chocolates!
    With love from Brazil,

  29. I remember eating those! They used to come in pretty little tins. :)

  30. childhood memories? yap, but i can only find it in my original country. glad you found cloud 9 and your childhood memories! thanks for your sweet comments. you are a dearest! verbena cottage

  31. You my dear are "PURE SWEETNESS"
    ....SO.....Sweet Dreams Darlin'......
    ...............Love Rosie...............

  32. I used to buy my 'Jackie' magazine on a saturday with a bag of sherbet pips! To me that was how saturdays were supposed to be. xx

  33. I did not consume pastries, candies and such things during my childhood. I do enjoy a slice of freshly made chocolate cake now and then.
    Thank you for the sweet glimpse of your raspberries;-)

  34. Sweet memory!! I loved lemon drops :) must be where my love for yellow started!!
    Have a blessed day,

  35. Oh I love european sweets shops. you are a sweetheart.

  36. Hmmm - last year i was in NY for a visit and a reportage for KidsLife and found a sweet-shop with EVERY sweet you can imagine - Dylans Candy store - highly recommended!

  37. Saskia, the pretty pink rasberries sweets look delicious! I have a sweet tooth and will always love something sweet!

  38. Sounds like sweet memories Saskia:) I love it when I find a sweet that reminds me of childhood and brings back all those happy memories. Glad you enjoyed your sweet find. Have a wonderful weekend xo

  39. Love sweets. I remember penny sweets when I was little, I miss them. Not sure you can get them any more...



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