27 mei 2010

Thursday's tea

Today I'm inviting all you lovely ladies
to come over to my garden for a
tasty cup of Thursday tea

Let's walk around the house

Enjoying the blue sky
and all the calming fresh green

Walk underneath the bow

To sit down next to the pond

Talented sweet Jacqueline made these gorgeous heart-shaped tea bags. Her blog is so inspiring. The tea time treat box is the loveliest, not to forget the teaspoon, which is adorable too. Do check out Jacqueline's sweet little corner in the world, here. And while you are there, you should pop over to her Etsy shop.
Etsy, we really do love Etsy, don't we?

Wishing you a terrific, tasty tea-y Thursday!

~*~ xoxo XOXO xoxo ~*~

53 opmerkingen:

  1. I would love to join for tea! I do love tea (in case you couldn't tell from my blog. lol)! You have a lovely garden and I love the heart shaped tag.

  2. I love your tea spoon...cutest thing ever! You have such a lovely place Saskia...I would love to take a stroll there! Have a nice day! Come say hi :D

  3. Wat een schitterende foto's van de tuin. Je theelepel is leuk, zelf heb ik 1 zo'n gebak vorkje ooit eens van mijn vader gekregen.
    Fijne dag.
    Groetjes Saskia

  4. Prachtige foto's van de tuin, ik heb even heerlijk met je meegelopen!
    Leuke theelepel en mooie theezakjes heb je!
    Groetjes Corina

  5. Sweet Saskia, your gardens are so lovely! Thank you for your invite to tea...I totally enjoyed myself! xo Paulette

  6. Your garden is amazing Saskia!!! Your new little heart tea bag is so very gorgeous, I will have to follow your link to Jacqueline's Etsy store:) Thank you for sharing. Hugs my sweet friend ~ Tina xx

  7. Happy Thursday tea!! I wish I could come, weather looks divine! :-)

  8. Nou ik doe graag met je mee. Lekker kopje thee, rondje door de prachtige tuin. Genieten van de blauwe lucht en van het water, kijken naar de bomen die zo prachtig groen zijn. Gezellig hoor. Dank je voor dit heerlijke uitje.
    Liefs van Ester

  9. So lovely!!! I'll join you for tea! What a cute little spoon - love it :-)

  10. Thanks for inviting me Saskia! I'd love to come and stay for a while, your garden is amazing! It looks like an oasis of peace to me!
    That teaspoon is the cutest thing ever..I had to visit Jacqueline Etsy shop and I'm in love with her creations! Thanks for the hint darling!
    Have a wonderful day

  11. Oh Saskia...how can you even manage to ever leave the home when you are surrounded by such beauty. Just gorgeous..and thank you for the cup of tea...a very memorable one when I can escape to such lush green landscapes. x

  12. Saskia!!!!!wat een tuin en je rietendak, ik kom eraan voor de thee en dan kom ik morgen weer en overmorgen en ik denk de dag erna ook;-))
    Oh ja en ik wilhet heeeeel graag in zo'n mooie beker,

    lieve groetjes Irma

  13. Oh dear Saskia,
    I would love a good cuppa tea...and to be able to wander your beautiful back yard with you...how very blissful...thank you for your sweet visit and very kind words...sweet dreams...Rosie

  14. Gezellig thee bij jou in de tuin, zal ik lekkere koekjes meenemen :-) mooie foto's, lieve groetjes Esther.

  15. Oh, Sweet Saskia... How I wish I could come and enjoy a cup of tea, walk around the house, sit by thye pond...
    Your house looks so lovely and the environment is wonderful.

    Wish you a happy , sunny day!

  16. Hello Saskia!
    Oh my god what a beautiful garden you have... I´ll pop over for a cup of coffee right away! hi, hi, hi...
    Have a beautiful day in your paradise!
    xo xo Susanne

  17. oooh yes please , with milk for me , no sugar !!!!

  18. Ah thankyou, that was such a treat...the tea was wonderful and the surroundings and company, most excellent! Will be back again for a cuppa! xxx

  19. Oh my! What I'd give for a visit and a cup of tea in your gorgeous garden. Heavenly :)

  20. O Sassie van me....heerlijk koppie thee saampjes met jouw in je mooie tuin !!!

    Gezelligggggg................wat zullen we kletsen.................volgens mij wonen je buren ver weg toch??

    Zeg de link naar jaqueline is er niet.....wie is dat??.....stuurt hem even........ik ga verder..........ben nog in pyama...........even douchen............en klaar is Riaaaaaaaa.......dag lieffie..........fijne dag..............groetjesssssssssssss Ria.....xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. I don't think I could think of anything I'd rather do right now than join you for that cup of tea! Thank you for that lovely tour. x

  22. Anoniem27/5/10

    Goodmorning saskia! Love the teaspoon,so cute.Love your pond Im so enjoying it here while sipping my tea,thanks for inviting me.

    Happy Thursday!

  23. Such beautiful pictures! xxxx

  24. Nou doe jij maar even thee, dan maak ik nog een wandeling door de tuin.
    Mooi hoor...

    lieve groet Lia

  25. Thank you for the invite, dear Saskia!!!! Your garden is fantastic!!! A green, relaxing, fairy refugee!!! I love it!!! And your house has a straw roof: I love them!!!!


  26. Wow..Saskia...your place is so gorgeous and beautifully scenic ..such lovely nature!
    Beautiful post..sweet tea cups and spoon! I would love to check out her link..but I can't find it. Maybe I am still half asleep! ha ha!
    have a lovely sparkly day!!

  27. Yes, I think we all love etsy! And what a beautiful garden. I will be right over! Thanks for the invite!

  28. Your garden is incredible, Saskia..! And are those little peeks of your house's roof? You live in a beautiful place..! Thank you for your invitation - I am in fact having a cup of tea here where I sit in my kitchen... For a moment, I can pretend that I'm right there with you, by the beautiful pond and surrounded by your wonderful garden, dear. Beautiful - thank you.


  29. I am dreaming of dangling my toes in the pond with a sweet cup of tea.

  30. Thank you for the invitation to tea and to walk with you.

    Lovely images!


  31. Oh, Saskia!
    Thank you! I love tea. Beautiful garden.
    With love from Brazil.

  32. So pretty....I would never leave your garden my friend..you are very blessed to have a back yard like that! I have the exact spoon from Jacqueline! Her etsy shop is amazing and her talent is unbelievable! Thanks for the sweet tea break my friend...off to start my crazy day. xoxoxo

  33. Hallo Saskia, today picture very very pretty!!!
    Wonderful place!!!!
    The spoon in the cup is very lovely!!!!
    Kisses Annamaria ;)

  34. Yes, these are things to be joyful about!

    I just saw that you have a photo of trim in the fabric shop, also. The fabric shop is a place that I love dearly!

    Love, Katy xo

  35. Hello Saskia, thanks for inviting me!! I love tea, its my favorite drink!!
    Your garden is so beautiful, it looks like paradies :-))
    lieve groeten

  36. Pretty. I love the tea spoon! Looks like a lovely day for tea and a walk in the sunshine.

  37. Gezellig zo'n kopje, komt me bekend voor...ik weet nog steeds niet precies waar je woont maar het ziet er wel super uit, ik ga binnenkort eens kijken of ik je kan vinden!
    Fijne avond en lieve groetjes

  38. Haha wat leuk, ik had het gisteren met mijn Nederlandse vriendin Karin over jouw blog. Dat ik altijd zo onder de indruk ben hoe je het elke keer weer voor elkaar krijgt om met zo weinig foto's iets mooi's neer te zetten.
    En wat zie ik vandaag heb je een hele serie foto's! Wat niet betekent dat dat af doet aan het plezier om bij je te komen hoor :)
    Groetjes Michaja

  39. Anoniem27/5/10

    oh saskia! how sweet of you to invite us all over to tea with you!

    what an enjoyable, 'virtual' tea I've had..in such an adorable cup..that spoon accidentally slipped itself into my pocket! ooops!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina..

    i will check out her ETsy...because yes, we definately do love ETsy very much!

    i'm working on some cards now....

  40. So very sweet and the gardens so very beautiful! Wishing you a most wonderful day :) Tammy

  41. I do TRULY love Etsy! I have purchased everything from quilts to pincushions there. I love your scenic space. My little pond is miniscule up next to yours.

  42. Following you back from TTA. I would love for you to check out my It's a Colorful Life challenge. The white flowers on the right hand side of your blog would be fabulous for the entry this week.

  43. Seriously, you have your own pond? Gorgeous. I am entranced by the fence. Something about it I just love. Beautiful.

    Big Etsy fan. I never shopped there before I opened my shop with them. Now, I can't imagine going shopping anywhere else.

  44. I so wish I really could have tea with you Saskia! Everything is so pretty! Have a splendid day!

  45. Hi Saskia!
    Oh that treat box is so nice. What sweet ideas she has! The teaspoons are ADORABLE... teatime would be a party each time!
    A stroll with you around your yard was very very lovely. The pond looks like such a gentle place to be ~ think about life, love and how beautiful God is and, of course refresh with tea ♥
    It's always refreshing to stop here dear, Saskia~

    **Have a sweet Friday and a wonderful weekend**

  46. Saskia, Oh my! Your home is beautiful! I love that little spoon at the top too!

  47. So sweet for you to invite all to your garden for tea, beautiful garden and love that little package next to the teacup!

  48. Hello .. I found your link on Koralee's blog .. you have a wonderful blog, with great photos. I love your little spoon, but also adorable little tea packet .. so sweet.

  49. Dearest sweet Saskia, i would LOVE to join you for tea! I hope you enjoy the tea time treat box as much as i enjoy making them for you! Your garden is truely amazing and soo gorgeous! Thank you so much for the kind words and shout out! Have a lovely merry happy day and lots of love to yoU! *big hugz*


  50. Catching up on my blog reading! I would love to come along for tea and a watch by the pond. What a beautiful setting! Looks like a great place to relax and enjoy nature. Thanks for sharing!
    smiles :)

  51. My dear friend, this is lovely!
    Is it your garden and your house??
    Wowwwwww, this is wonderful!
    Have a nice week my darling.
    p.s. I will have a look at your friends Etsy shop, sounds beautiful!


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