22 mei 2010


When I met this cute little pin,
I decided to start collecting
these lovelies.
I bought this one in Denmark
so from now on
a cute little pin
will be my keepsake
from the places we visit.
Must think of a gorgeous place to visit over the weekend,
so this little swan will no longer be alone.

What name should I give her?
Would love to hear what name comes first to your mind!


32 opmerkingen:

  1. She is cute! A fun thing to collect too. Hum...a name...how about.."Sophie Swan"? :D

  2. Oh she is a cutie Saskia! Hmmm I think you should definitely visit Armidale, Australia ;) We would love to have you stay at Rubies' Place my sweet friend.....Maybe one day:) Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx

  3. Anoniem22/5/10

    Wat een leuk idee! Fijn weekend, Saskia!

  4. She´s wonderful Saskia!
    Since you bought her in Denmark, maby a Danish name would fit her, and then when you buy one in Sweden she should have a Swedeish name and so on...so that you will remember where they came from. That´s the first thing that came to my mind...

    Well, I hope you´ll have a wonderful day, sweet Saskia.


  5. Dear Saskia this littke pin is very pretty!!!
    I buy a little bell every places I visit!!!
    The name? I think "Princess goose"!!!!
    Have a sunny week end, kisses Annamaria

  6. It's so fun collecting something and then finding a special one. The little pin is cute. That wee bird looks like a Pricilla to me! :)

    Have a Happy Day Saskia!
    xo Catherine

  7. Dank je voor je lieve reaktie! Ik kom ook altijd graag bij jou, jouw blog is zo heerlijk kleurrijk met de mooiste foto's.

    Wens jou ook een heerlijkGeniet weekend ;)

  8. Nothing better than starting a new collection!
    And such a cute little pin to start you off.


  9. Hi Saskia!
    gorgeous posts you have been doing!
    love the old car on your previous post!
    your pin is gorgeous! had never seen anything like that!
    Happy weekend!

  10. Good Morning Saskia!
    Oh what a cute idea for collecting ...
    I think I would name her "Belle" or perhaps Demi or Denni {for Denmark}

    Such a sweet lil' pin!
    Your JOY overflows, Saskia ~ Thank you always, for sharing it!

  11. I love your sweet little pin Saskia, what a wonderful idea to collect them on your travels.
    I hope you find a special one this weekend.
    Donna xx

  12. Anoniem22/5/10

    Oh I love it, how cute.lets see a name for it, how about Sally.lol.Have a great weekend!

  13. Oh I adore your sweet pin my friend...what a fun thing to do...now you need to visit many places to get some friends for her. Wish I could think of a name for you...it is 6:30 am and my brain is still asleep. She must have an adorable name....because she is now in your family. Hugs for a great weekend...we are off today to dance. xoxoxo

  14. Wat een leuk idee, omdat je haar in Denemarken kocht: Dani!?
    Hele gezellige zonnige pinksterdagen, lieve groetjes

  15. This cute little thing! Hurry to go find someone for him!

  16. What a sweet pin! Isn't it fun to start a new collection? Could the name be Little Saskia?


  17. Een schatje zeg....
    Is dit de eerste van je collectie of heb je er al meer ondertussen...ben benieuwd.....
    Fijne dagen

  18. Anoniem22/5/10

    you should name her "Lina" which is a version of my name! that's what!

    2 cute! ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  19. Ria !!!! hahahahhah!! hij is lief lief !!!

    En ja nog even.......en dan............ga ik lekker naar Denemarken....jippie !!

    Eh Sas?? ik ga je wel missen hoor.......hadden we niet beter samen kunnen gaan???

    Groetjes lieverd .....fijn weekend van je ...................Riaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa xxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. What a pretty little pin. You are so wise to collect things that are not only pretty, but SMALL! :))


  21. That is so cute!! A fantastic thing to collect!!!

  22. This is so cute! The first name that popped into my head was Susie. I don't know why! But, it's kinda cute. Can't wait to see what else you find for your collection :)

  23. Saskia!!! Thank you for coming by! Oh, what a darling little treasure...well, I am not up on my Danish, so I wouldn't even know a good name for her! I just love the name Peace-Lily, the name of Sumea's labrador retriever!!!

    Have a magnificent weekend, what's left of it for you...Anita

  24. What a cute idea! Your first one for your collection is so lovely. Maybe one day you can find one from here in Australia!!!

    Best wishes for a happy Sunday,

  25. such a great idea for a collection, hope you get to have many, many more in your sweet collection.
    I agree with Natasha, maybe one from Australia someday ♥

  26. I would give to her the name of " Menina"(portuguese) = Girl (english) = Bambina (italian).
    "Menina" is the name of my cat.
    Have a lovely sunday.
    With love from Brazil.

  27. I think you should call her Penny. I have no idea why I think that! I have never seen a pin like that. Have a great Sunday!

  28. Oh Saskia what a wonderful keepsake!! Your pin is totally gorgeous and sooo cute! I would call it "Blossom". :)

    So very happy to know that your package arrived!! I was getting a little worry. :) Now it's all good. Thank you so much for your kind words on the package and the goodies inside. I hope you enjoy them! Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to you!

  29. Love your keepsake, what a fun idea!

  30. How cute! Looks like a Mertle to me. : )
    Thanks for visiting my blog, Nice to my Saskia.
    I love it here.. it is very colorful and happy!!!

  31. Wat dacht je van mignonne :)
    Groetjes Michaja


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