25 mei 2010


Yesterday, the children
picked a bunch of
pink & white roses
fresh from our garden.
Wishing we all had scent buttons on our computers
I would have loved sharing the fragrance

The girls made some 'perfume' using
15 drops sweet almond-oil &
5 drops lavender-oil

We are still enjoying the white bowl
filled with pink, love this shade of pink,
roses leaves.

I hope you are all having a rosy week so far.

~*~ XO ~*~

50 opmerkingen:

  1. So very lovely. Yes, a scent button would surely be a great addition to your post, but the images themselves are lovely enough. :)


  2. That is so lovley!!! The smell must be amazing!!

  3. Good evening there!
    Oh roses..roses are so lovely!
    Have a nice evening.

  4. Hy Saskia,
    I love roses, they remember my mother.
    Have a great day.

  5. Dear saskia i love roses, I can to smell their fragrance!!!
    Have a nice evening, kiss Annamaria

  6. Super lovely and so beautiful! Wonderful!

  7. Mooie foto's ruik hier de roze blaadjes al. fijne week lieve groetjes Esther.

  8. Mmmm, ik kan de geur bijna ruiken.


  9. Sounds like the perfect day!!!! I have memories of making perfume out of rose petals...if was a fun way to keep entertained as a child...I remember putting it in bottles and having a pretend store....there were about 5 of us girls in the neighbourhood. Thanks for the memories. xo

  10. Oh Saskia, ich liebe Rosen und deine sind schon soweit!! Meine öffnen gerade mal die Knospen!!
    rosige Grüße

  11. Ha Saskia
    Heerlijk zo lekker aan de gang met geurtjes!!
    Mijn dochter experimenteert ook met geurtjes en zeep erg leuk en lekker bovendien
    fijne avond hoor
    Groetjes Yolanda

  12. gorgeous! love that white bowl! i'll try that perfume for sure!
    sweet dreams!

  13. Sweet Saskia and the little ones picking roses is a wonderful vision. Please enjoy their scent for me. Happy creating...

  14. Saskia ~ What lovely roses AND photos. Roses are just beginning to bloom in our area. Your blog is wonderful...Cassandra ♥

  15. Ja Saskia, dat zou nog eens een uitvinding zijn. Een geurknopje op de computer. Ik ben altijd zo benieuwd hoe iets dan ruikt. Wat leuk dat jullie samen zo bezig zijn. Heerlijk om dingen samen met de kinderen te doen. Prachtig trouwens die blaadjes in de witte kom.
    Jij ook verder nog een heerlijke rozige week toegewenst.
    Liefs van Ester

  16. Ssssssssaskia.........wat een mooie geurende post vandaag !!!

    En ook zo lekker roze...........kijk daarom hou ik van je !!!!....en morgen ????

    Liefs van mij................dikke kus!!

  17. I can just imagine the scent. Rose is my favourite, my grandmother used to have it everywhere and so I do now..Rachaelxx

  18. hope you are having a rosy week my sweet friend.
    not so rosy here, cold & raining.
    sending you sweet rosy hugs ♥

  19. Hi Saskia!
    Oh scent buttons would be awesome! Can you imagine!
    The perfumes...
    The FOOD blogs...
    What about chocolate baking!
    Roses, a favorite scent.
    I have rose candles that even when they are not lit, send waves of loveliness through the room!
    Love your sweet ideas with children!
    *You are a darling mom and such a dear ♥
    Sweet Spring Sprinkles to you too :D

  20. How wonderful, Saskia! I have SO many beautifully scented roses...I need to try making perfume, too!

    Hope you're having a beautiful day!


  21. Ahhh there is nothing like the smell of Roses...and to pair it with Almond{YUM} and and Lavender too...oh my...Sweet Goodness...love Rosie

  22. I bet it did smell wonderful! Fun to make perfume with little girls...so sweet! Come say hi :D

  23. Hmmmm...perhaps a 'scratch & sniff' computer screen would do the trick! :)

    Lovely photos Saskia!
    xo Catherine

  24. Oh how sweet! I remember making perfume when I was little so much fun. Beautiful pictures and memories :-)

  25. beautiful photos Saskia! love the idea of making rose scented perfume - how wonderful!


  26. I love pink roses and can hardly wait for mine to start blooming too! Enjoy your roses and have a great week Saskia! Deb

  27. Oh pretty pretty! I hope my Mac has that scent button too, so I could smell the lovely rosy scent from your garden!

  28. Heerlijk ik ruik ze bijna hier!
    Mooie foto's heb je er van gemaakt en zo te horen hebben jullie ervan genoten!
    Groetjes Corina

  29. Dearest saskia, roses are reallys weet and so pretty! Oh and they smell great too! Your pink and white roses are so pretty! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

  30. such a sweet post. i love imagining your
    darlings making their rose perfume.

  31. Hmmmm....als ik het nou eens zou kunnen ruiken......maar de beelden spreken echt tot de verbeelding.....heerlijk.
    Fijne dag

  32. Ohhh....wat zal dat heerlijk ruiken bij jullie. Prachtig zo'n schaal met rozenblaadjes en wat heb je er weer prachtige plaatjes van gemaakt met de schaaltjes in het gras en een jaloersmakende blauwe lucht hihi. Hier is het nu somber en bewolkt, dus geniet ik hier extra van.
    Fijne dag en een lieve groet, Mea

  33. Anoniem26/5/10

    Gorgeous roses saskia! I love them.My home has roses all over the front outside.

    Happy Wednesday,hugs!By the way cute pic.Your girls look just like you!

  34. Hoi Saskia,

    Jij hebt al rozen!! Bij mij staan ze nog in knop, maar het duurt niet lang meer denk ik! Mooie kopjes ook!! Hopelijk tot volgende week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  35. Hello Saskia!
    Your roses are lovely. You are right, there should be a scent button on the computer. It would be amazing to smell the "perfume" the girls made :)
    I hope you are having a ROSEY day!

  36. Goodness, I have enjoyed looking through your blog. It is gorgeous! The roses on this post are beautiful and I, too, wish our computers had the capability of transmitting fragrances! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving some kind words!

  37. Anoniem26/5/10

    Hi saskia!
    i love this, it's such a sweet and charming post...and way to teach your simple pleasure lifestyle to your children!

    you are beautiful inside and out!

    ciao bella!

    happy rosey day!
    creative carmelina

  38. ik doe mijn ogen dicht en kan het ruiken zoooo lekker en je foto's smullen!!!!

    lieve groetjes Irma

  39. Ahhh, I have no roses here but I smelled some on the desk of a woman in an office I went to yesterday. They were her birthday roses which made them all that much more sweet I think. My mother's favorite flower is the rose.

  40. Hi Saskia!
    Really cute pics...♥
    Have a great day!
    xoxo alice

  41. This is so sweet! When I was little, I tried making perfume. I don't think it turned out. lol! But, this sounds like it would smell nice. Lovely photos!

  42. I don´t have a rosy week, but it´s pink, though =).
    Pink from the flowers of the apple tree =).
    Flowers are wonderful!!!
    And your images are beautiful!
    I love roses, and wish we had them in our garden allready...

    Have a wonderful evening, gorgeous.

  43. Hi Saskia...what a lovely post! Yes, I wish we could smell the roses too by pressing the buttons on our computers! Ixx

  44. Clever girls! Your roses are faboulous and you photos in a sunny day are great!

  45. Hallo Saskia.
    Leuk idee. Rose rozenblaadjes in porselein, dit geeft lieflijke plaatjes.
    Groetjes Marga

  46. Oh your girls are so sweet!! What beautiful roses and your garden is just breathtaking Saskia! Hope you are having a wonderful week. Hugs ~ Tina xx

  47. Your girls are so sweet Saskia!...These petals are so pretty, I can just imagine how yummy they must smell! xo

  48. Heerlijke romantische plaatjes. Rozen zijn zo mooi! Ik kan me nog herrineren dat ikzelf met flesjes liep, met daarin rozeblaadjes. Een meisjes droom om parfum te maken haha...volgens mij ben ik niet verder gekomen als een drapje;-)

    Ik heb even genoten van dit moois.

    Lieve groetjes, Helena


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