7 april 2010

Sun = Fun

we've had
a lot of
Fun in the Sun

Love, love this skirt

Fresh picked daffodils

Chalk in Sweet Soft colors

This lovely tea set
was the giveaway of

Thank you once again, sweet Angel
for all the loveliness
you sent me.
Do pop over and meet
my dear friend, go here

This pretty blossom
is for all you lovely ladies.
Have a happy Wednesday!

69 opmerkingen:

  1. Ja, een heerlijk weertje hadden we gisteren, he!!

    Wat een leuk theesetje, je bent een bofkont!

    En je kersenbloesem.....waw, bij ons nog zie je nog haast geen knoppen!! De peren wel, die zijn al verder!!

    Vandaag weer genieten....alhoewel later krijgen we regen!

    Geniet ze!!

  2. Bonjour Saskia,
    That skirt is adorable, everything looks so sunny and Springy! Enjoy!

  3. What a lovely spring post sweet Saskia! I love that skirt and your tea set, congratulations my friend:) Love the picture of the blossom as all our plants are brown and crunchy now that Autumn has begun. Wishing you a wonderful week sweetie ~ Tina xx

  4. Ja nu echt lente, wat een mooie foto's weer. fijne zonnige dag, groetjes Esther.

  5. You just inspired me to have a cup of lovely tea! xx

  6. Heerlijke lenteachtige foto's Saskia. SUN is inderdaad FUN, JOEPIE!!! En als de vooruitzichten uitkomen gaan we de goede kant op, geniet met een lekker kopje thee van deze heerlijk dag...

    Lieve groet, Josephine

  7. I wish I was having fun in the sun Its been raining all week here :-( I love that tea pot so cute!

  8. Jij ook een hele gezellige middag met je kindjes...lieve groetjes

  9. Ah Saskia.. what a happy,colourful post! Love the chalks but that skirt is truly adorable!
    Enjoy this lovely day
    xx Flaviana

  10. Anoniem7/4/10

    Oh lovely pics Saskia!Wow do I remember the chalk I loved doing that with my girls.We would put hopscotch on the sidewalk somewhere and hop and hop lol.Lovely skirt too.So sweet the tea set is, how nice of her....I will check out her blog.

    Happy Wednesday sweetie!

  11. Dankjewel! Voor jou ook een mooie woensdag, groet Roelien

  12. Lovely Tea-set

    Hugs RosieP x

  13. Yay Saskia..what a beautiful post! I love love love all the photos and each being a special part of the day..what a celebration..just beautiful. I love the photo of the chalk..the tea pot is so cute..and I adore that sweet apron..very special!
    Have a terrific day! Yay!

  14. Lovely photos Saskia, I do love that skirt too, so pretty!!
    I am so pleased you like your tea for one set!!
    We need some sun for some fun!!!!

  15. We had lovely sun this morning with blue skies but there's been a change. Looks like clouds or dust. Boo! Hope that you are having a simply wonderful day. Love all your sweet images. Blessings to you, Tammy

  16. happy wednesday lovely Saskia, I simply adore your new tea set!
    enjoy a cup of tea for me aswell

  17. There was no sun in my part of the world today Saskia so I was very pleased to read of yours! Such a pretty tea set and the cutest of skirts. I had to wrap up in a big scarf today!!

  18. Love the edging on that skirt and those daffodils are beautiful!! Congratulations on winning that lovely tea set. Enjoy the rest of your week x

  19. Prachtige foto's. Ohhhh en die mooie give away heb ik dus gemist, wat een prachtig servies heb je gewonnen. Ik ga zo even op haar blog kijken.
    Geniet van deze heerlijke dag.
    Lieve groet, Mea

  20. Hi Saskia,
    I can't wait to see what you have been up to while I was away. I love that skirt too! So sweet, I wonder if they make it for adults? And Love your sweet new tea set! Have fun using it!

  21. Pretty skirt!
    Have a lovely wednsday!

  22. Hi Saskia, your blog it's beautiful.
    The tea set is so lovely with it's pastel colors...
    Hug Annamaria

  23. Hi Saskia! Beautiful pictures. I love the skirt! What a blessing your blog is. Have a wonderful day!

  24. Lovely lovely skirt! The sun is finally here and daffodils blooming in my garden. Have a wonderful weekend!

  25. Je wordt er toch helemaal vrolijk van van dit weer, gister heerlijk genoten in het Elysium, helemaal van opgeknapt en vandaag dus heel veel gedaan in huis (en tjonge wat was het hard nodig zo na de paasdagen).
    Wens je nog een fijne dag, Groetjes Madelon

  26. Thanxs for the spring feeling. Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

  27. Awww, pretty pics! So springy, glad you had such a lovely day, Saskia!

  28. Wat een prachtige kleurrijke foto's, Saskia. Leuk ook die krijtjes in die bekers. En dan je gewonnen give away..... Echt helemaal super!!
    En dan die rok.. zo leuk. Prachtige post, hoort helemaal bij het prachtige weer van vandaag.
    lieve groet van Ester

  29. Saskia dearest!
    What a lovely, wonderful post filled with happy things and colorful memories of a grand moment. You are so beautiful and creative! Thank you dearest for visiting with me.

    Wishes for a lovely day, Anita

  30. Heerlijk al die vrolijke kleurtjes saskia..........gezellig !! en wat een schattig thee setje..............sweet !! geweldig gezeliig bij je...............heb genoten en die bloesem !! nou lieverd tot de volgende keer.............lieve groetjes van mij..........

  31. Hi Saskia, that skirt is so sweet!!! And the tea set is just amazing, you've been a very lucky girl!

  32. Good Morning Saskia,
    ...what a lovely way to start my day!...PRETTY...very PRETTY...I yearn for the warmth of the sun."Spring" seems to be taking her sweet time...and I'm COLD...thank you for sharing the sun...love Rosie.

  33. Hoi Saskia,wat een heerlijke foto’s,echt genieten van het lieve theesetje en de bloesem.
    en,het rokje is fantastisch.

    Fijne avond,lieve gr inka en andre

  34. hi thank you for visiting my blog! yours is absolutely beautiful. i have added you to my favorites now. hope you have a great day.

  35. Ga je die bakjes nog gebruiken ?? in die doos ver achterin de kast ??

    Lieve lieve Saskia??

  36. Dan hoop ik......dat je heeeeeeel goed kan zoeken !! hahahahahah!! welterusten lieverd ! xxx..............

  37. I agrre with you! With the sun life is much better! I'd like to have a tea with you in this lovely teapot!

  38. Wat een prachtige voorjaars foto,s. Genieten van het buiten zijn na een lange winter is heerlijk. De zonnestralen weer voelen op je huid, het licht en de voorjaarskleuren, je krijgt er niet genoeg van.

    Groeten Pauline

  39. Sakia, Thanks so very much for the sweet birthday greetings! Kind words smooth out the day! (and a few wrinkles!)Glad to see you have been out in the sunshine! Love, C

  40. Oh Saskia,

    Wat een leuke giveaway heb je gewonnen!!! Geniet ervan!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  41. Oh, Saskia,
    There is rain and cold...

  42. Hi Saskia!
    This is the kind of skirt that I would have bought for my daughters... so sweet and pure.

    Your photos for the day are glorious! And yes we do crave springtime don't we :)

    The tea set you won is so pretty! It makes teatime even lovelier!

    Joining in your JOY ~ Maria

  43. Anoniem8/4/10

    Hi Saskia!

    I do love sharing in your sunny day's adventures! We had miserable, heavy rain and thunder storms here today, and it's supposed to continue the entire week! yikes!

    it makes me happy to know that someone out there was enjoying blissful, happy, sunny, fun weather, and I'm glad it was you sweet Saskia!

    ciao bella
    thanks for coming by!


  44. Beautiful...I could even smell the blossoms! Come say hi :D

  45. Saskia darling the skirt is so adorable, are you responsible for the beauty or was it bought? I love it. I have a set of tea-towels that my friend gave me that have a similar pattern on them and they are my favourites, I never use them, just admire them. Angel truly is an Angel, the teaset is very lovely, enjoy it, may the pot and cup be always full of freshly brewed tea.

    Love & Hugs

  46. What could be better than a sunny dafodill filled day?

  47. Beautiful post! i love the skirt and the tea set, so pretty.

  48. Hi Saskia, such a sweet little skirt! Oh, and I love the tea set...congratulations! Enjoy the sun!

  49. beautiful saskia...love your creative spin on photos!!
    i would love you to pop over to my place and help me name my new girlie-sofa! she's in desperate need for a name and i have a little gift for the successful namer, too!! :)
    thanks so much!!


  50. Wat een vrolijke foto's, wat worden mensen toch blij van lekker weer. groetjes Jannet

  51. Hallo Saskia.
    Wat ontzettend leuke foto's en ideeen op je blog.En volgens mij sta jij wel aan kop met het aantal volgers.
    Komt er weer een bij en dat ben ik.
    Groetjes Marga

  52. What a lovely post and blog! I so like this tea-set and your way to celebrate the specialness of these little treats that make all the difference in life.

  53. So many pretty things and a great post! The skirt is so wonderful and I know you will enjoy the nice tea set! Congratulations!

  54. Such lovely photos! So many pretty things in such wonderful colors ~ sun fun indeed! :)

  55. hi saskia, thanks for stopping by my blog AND following me!! so nice to meet you and i'm glad i did...your charming blog is filled with beautiful happy colors and images. i look forward to following you too, sweety!

  56. Your post is so joyful...like sunshine itself!

  57. Your blog is so pretty. I am glad that you stopped by so I could discover this. Your images are all so lovely and congratulations on your tea set.

  58. Hi, What lovely flowers! I found your blog through a post on Wanda's blog and I am so glad I came to take a look! Thank you for the great images.

    Lois in Cincinnati, USA

  59. Anoniem8/4/10

    Hi saskia! I just wanted to tell you I planted some seeds in a little clay crock today.Im saving the rest for somewhere else...cant wait til they start to sprout.Thanks again, and I will let you know if I have any success with them,keeping my fingers crossed,lol.

    Happy Thursday!

  60. Thank you for visiting my blog. Your blog is wonderful and interesting!

    Have a nice Thursday-evening!

  61. Hello dear Saskia, it are a very beautiful spring photos!!!!
    Have a nice evening and very sunny weekend:)
    Hugs Fleurette

  62. Zalig! Geniet nog van het mooie weer, bij ons is het stoepkrijt ook weer bovengehaald! Heerlijk dat kopje thee in de zon!

  63. I love your photo's, and the skirt is adorable.

  64. hello Saskia,
    what a lovely tea set ... I'm jealous !!!
    Thank you so much Saskia to write some pretty words on my blogs... You're a generous person! (please excuse my bad english, i try just for you :o)))
    Belle soirée et à tout bientôt.

  65. AHHH. Just the springy, soft colors and images are relaxing all by themselves. And I love that tea pot and cup. How ingenious. Happy Spring days to you and yours!

  66. Your images are beautiful!!! I love the one with chalk in different soft colors!

    Wish you a wonderful day!!

  67. Hi Saskia, Thankyou for popping over to my blog. It's lovely to see new faces and new blogs. Your blog is lovely! I love, love, love that skirt too, so pretty. xx

  68. Saskia, where did you get that gorgeous skirt with the little girls on it! Love it, Terri


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