9 april 2010

Chair Cherishing

Some close-ups
of my favorite paintings.
a Dutch artist
made these collages.
She used
oil paint
fabrics of
my father's handkerchief
{my sweet sweet daddy passed away 2 years ago}

She made 4 collages, 2 with fabric of the handkerchief

2 with tie fabric of my sweet deceased father-in-law

I cherish our treasures
for their colors
but most of all
for the stories they tell Mark en me!

70 opmerkingen:

  1. What a beautiful pieace of sentimental art! Gorgeous, Stunning. Thank you for sharing, and I am sorry for your loss. ~Lulu

  2. Saskia, what incredibly special and beautiful pieces of art!! I love them, they must mean the world to you and your husband. I hope they bring many, many sweet and happy memories for you. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you the loveliest weekend my sweet friend~ Tina xx

  3. Great art, enjoy! Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

  4. What lovely pieces and so special that those treasured pieces of fabric have been used to make them. Have a lovely weekend x

  5. Wat een tedere herinnering.
    Kan eruit afleiden dat je papa pijp rookte, graag een tasje koffie dronk
    en van treinen hield.
    Echt mooi.

  6. Wat een lieve herinnering. Mijn moeder is dit jaar ook 2 jaar geleden overleden. Raar gevoel geeft z'n dag he. Groetjes Esther.

  7. Heej Saskia,

    Prachtige schilderijen en wat een mooi verhaal je zal er zoveel in herkennen als je ernaar kijkt.
    Ik wens je een heerlijk weekend en alvast voor de nieuwe week een gezellige blogweek.

    lieve groetjes Irma

  8. What a lovely way to remember your father... My dad passed away a month before I opened my store. ...this is so creative...such a treasure...a great way to remember him...love Rosie

  9. Mooi hoor zo die schilderijen, zijn plaatjes! Herinneringen moeten gekoesterd worden.
    Wens je alvast een fijn weekend,
    Groetjes Madelon

  10. Wat een mooie herinneringen hebben jullie op deze manier. Prachtig gemaakt.

    Fijn weekend vast en groet Roelien

  11. Such cute artwork! Have a sweet day!

  12. Hoi Saskia, dat zijn herinneringen om te koesteren, wat een mooie schilderijtjes en inderdaad maakt het verhaal erachter het voor jullie nog specialer.
    Fijn weekend en een lieve groet, Mea

  13. Saskia
    those are works of art! Even more lovely and treasured cause they bring you happy memories of your loved ones.
    I wish you a fantastic weekend

  14. This is such a wonderful idea Saskia. You have got a gorgeous piece of art which is full of memories, love and joy. This piece is priceless.

    Best wishes and happy weekend to you and your beautiful family,

  15. Anoniem9/4/10

    Saskia they are so cute.How nice to have a bit of memory of your father in with the design.I get amazed more and more at what people can do.

    By the way I wanted to ask you about the Polka dot Bird house.Did you make that?Or is it just a photo.I just loveeeee it.Its giving me some ideas.We have a craft store here called Michaels and they have tons of unpainted bird houses.I may just get one and do mine like that,its so cute.

    Have a very nice weekend.hugs!

  16. These are just precious! I LOVE the meaning behind them and their beautiful colors and style. Thanks so much for sharing them!!

  17. Hoi Saskia,

    Wat een prachtige manier om je herinneringen weer te geven. Mooie kleuren gebruikt Ellen!!

    Fijn weekend met veel zon!!


  18. Such special works of art, what a clever lady who made these. And such cherished memories.

  19. Hoi saskia,
    de collages vind ik heel mooi en de kleuren.Ik vind je Blog erg leuk.
    En mooie zonnige Weekend gewenst:
    die Waldfee

  20. These are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing! You are a beauty lover too and I appreciate that!

  21. Herinneringen moet je koesteren mijn lieve Saskia....wow..........zo mooi gedaan...........ik vind ze prachtig,......echt zo passend bij jouw...........ik krijg er tranen van in mijn ogen..............zo mooi en vedrietig eigenlijk.................maarja.ik ben gewoon een emotionele kip ! maar wel een lieve hoor..............meid een heel fijn weekend............voor jouw en je hele gezin,.........lieve lieve groetjes van mij........

  22. Hi Saskia,
    I love your sweet chairs! And how wonderful to have family items included in them! What an artist!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  23. Lovely paintings!
    Have a happy weekend!

  24. These are so so lovely...I do love chairs so my heart sings when I see these. Thank you for sharing her with us...her work is lovely.

    Have a great weekend my friend...my daughter is dancing all weekend long....so you know where I will be.

    Hugs to you. xoxoxoox

  25. Hi S! Just popped by to ask you if could send me an email? Can't find yours here. I have a plan... :) AND thank you for the sweetest Birthday greetings! Love, C

  26. These paintings are beautiful!
    The art is wonderful especially when she tells feelings, memories and moods. thanks for sharing it with us! Kisses Annamaria

  27. Oh, isn't art so better when it's meaningful to you? I love that, thanks for sharing yourself with us, Saskia!

  28. Hoi Saskia, bedankt voor je fijne reactie.
    Prachtige schilderijen ! Zo speciaal met die herinneringen aan je vader en schoonvader, de kleuren zijn heel mooi !
    Interessante blog heb jij.
    Fijn weekend,

  29. What special paintings with those special fabrics used. Something im sure you will treasure forever.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend Saskia.


  30. What a beautiful way to preserve memories!

  31. Saskia! This is such a treasure! Oh what wonderful ideas I learn from you! To have such a work of art created with the ties of dear fathers. If you were here, you would see me nodding and smiling at the wonder of so much creativity and love!
    *Blessings truly surround your family*

  32. Wow these are absolutely beautiful!

  33. Hoi Saskia,

    Ik ken Ellen van Toor niet, maar de afbeeldingen zijn prachtig! Fijn weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  34. What gorgeous works of art, how lovely! :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  35. How marvellous for you! Such wonderful a reminder of loved ones!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  36. Can see why you would cherish these...they are so lovely...especially the last one!

  37. Anoniem9/4/10

    Never received the email. Hmm. Try: designingdna@gmail.com

  38. Het zal echt morgen wel komen............ik zie en hoor ook dat iedereen de jdl al binnen heeft vandaag.....en wij nog niet ......snif..snif........groetjes liev lieve Saskia...........

  39. They are just gorgeous and what sweet memories for you and your husband!
    Happy week end!

  40. What a beautiful place you have here! Hello from the US, my new friend!

  41. Lieve Saskia,
    Wat een prachtige prachtige schilderijen. Ik ben er gewoon stil van.
    Het zijn ware schatten meis!
    Liefs van Ester

  42. Hi Saskia!
    Beautiful pictures! Your blog is beautiful!
    Have a nice day!
    xoxo alice

  43. Lieve Saskia, wat een mooie manier om te herinneren, zo tastbaar en aanwezig, want ik neem aan dat ze in jullie huis hangen.
    Fijn weekend, lieve groetjes.

  44. Dearest Saskia, when I was a child, I "LOATHED" naps...would try to escape, if I thought it would work...now...it truly a... L.U.X.U.R.Y...sadly I don't take advantage, to terribly often...have a wonderful weekend yourself...hoping you can enjoy a bit of sunshine as well...love...Rosie

  45. Those are so thoughtful and precious. What a beautiful way to remember your father and father-in-law.

  46. sorry about your father... I lost my dad 2 years ago too ): keep those memories close to your heart~love the art work...

  47. Hello, dear Saskia,
    Amazing art work! How wonderful to have these beautiful collages and know that part of your family history is there! Memories that you will keep forever. Such a sweet and great idea! I hope you have a fun-filled, happy weekend! Vicki

  48. ~Just wonderful and a tribute to your dad~

  49. Thank You Kindly for stopping by My Blog ~ So Happy You did, it is My Favorite way of Meeting New People..... I will be back soon

  50. What precious tresures for both you and your husbad. Sweetie, I lost my mum recently and know what it feels like to lose a parent. I am so sorry for your loss and so glad you have this teasure that is forever tied to your darling daddy's memory.

    Have a lovely spring weekend my friend
    Sending you love and hugs

  51. Oh, Saskia... What a wonderful way to remember your father!!!

    This is an amazing peace of work, I love it and the meaning of it!

    I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  52. Oh Saskia, what beautiful treasures these artworks are.
    A beautiful way to honour your father and father-in-law... and you can pass them down to your children, who will keep their memory alive.

    Just beautiful and very thoughtful!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  53. Hoi Lieve Saskia,
    Leuk dat je meedoet met de give away hoor. En wat leuk dat je mooie herinneringen hebt aan de ijsbloemetjes. Het waren ook mijn lievelingsbloemetjes en als wij vroeger gingen autorijden reden we altijd langs deze velden. Prachtig vond ik al die kleuren. Toen ik deze zakjes tegenkwam wist ik gelijk dat ik ze mee wilden laten doen. De gehaakte aardbeitjes heb ik als enige niet zelfgemaakt maar vond ze zo schattig dat ik ze ook wilde weggeven. Ja meis het is heerlijk weer. Ik krijg al kleur op mijn gezicht. (wilde dat het op mijn benen net zo hard ging) maar helaas.
    Fijne dag verder.
    Liefs van Ester

  54. Saskia -
    Thanks so much for visiting me - how wonderful to hear from you! Your blog is so very lovely - so much that I am your newest follower as well! I am enjoying visiting you here and I can't wait to visit even more!
    Youare entered i the contest - keep your fingers crossed - you might just win that little Vera bag!


  55. Lovely pieces sweet Saskia!
    What a lovely sentiment behind them.
    A sweet sweet way of remembrance.

  56. Anoniem10/4/10

    Gorgeous work!!! And so lovely that they include sweet memories. I love these! :)
    Happy weekend to you and yours,

  57. Dear Saskia, lovely art works, especially because they bring you happy memories! I wish your week end is going fabulousy!
    Here in Italy the sun is shining and we have spent the Saturday looking for kitchen ideas!

  58. Dear Sweet Saskia,

    How absolutely, positively wonderful! Just WONDERFUL! The art is beautiful and with the added meaning...this is extraordinary. Ah Ha - It's joy!

    I'll be by again later!

    Love, Katy

  59. Oooo! I'm #290 to follow! =]

  60. Heel erg mooi Saskia. Helemaal nu we het verhaal er bij kennen!
    Fijn weekend nog.

  61. how precious, saskia! so sorry
    about your sweet daddy.

  62. Saskia, those are so lovely...how sweet that they were made with treasured momentos from those that you loved...thank you so much for stopping over to visit with me:)

  63. whimsical designs...this is the longest trail of comments i have seen...you now have just another follower! have a great weekend...maryann

  64. Anoniem11/4/10

    Saskia that is a wonderful way to save a memory!
    I love that!
    My father passed away nearly 2 years ago as well...and I put together a shadow box with his photos and the original old vintage key from his parents home in Sicily. It's all rusted, but that just adds to the wonderful charm....
    we all should save our memories in creative ways, and I love that you've done that here!

    cherish your post!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  65. Me again Saskia! Just wanted to let you know that I did a post saying thank you for the beautiful things you sent me. I have put some things on display and I LOVE them!

    Best wishes and happy week,

  66. wow such interesting materials! my favorite are the pieces with the chairs...great find and thanks for sharing :-D

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

  67. Such beautiful art, Saskia, and so special with a bit of your cherished memories included in the design. I lost my precious father 2 years ago also. I'm so sorry for you, Sweetie. xoxo Paulette

  68. Oi Saskia,
    Que bela maneira de homenagear quem amamos.
    Arte e amor.
    Adorei essas colagens.

  69. Hi Saskia,
    Good way to homage who love...
    I adored the colagens-memories.
    Hugs, Tato


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