7 maart 2012

Think Pink

Lovely, lovely ladies out here
I could use a cute time fairy desperately ^.~
please do excuse me for not being around much lately
but I'm on my way to Y O U

Much love, always

38 opmerkingen:

  1. awww. hoping you get a slower pace, soon!

  2. Anoniem7/3/12

    I am sending you a big kiss and a hug!

    I wish you a happy Women's Day!

  3. Cute indeed x
    hope all is ok....sending sweet thoughts your way x
    love jooles x

  4. Lieve Saskia, Soms zouden we willen dat de dag een paar uur extra had, he. Lekker kleurrijke post, daar hou ik zo van.
    Lieve groet van Riet

  5. Ooh, such a sweet and happy post Saskia and the tulips are so pretty,
    Hope you are having a lovely week,
    Susan x

  6. We're all short on time, so no need to worry :-) Have a lovely evening xo

  7. Don't worry but come back to visit us,we miss you!

  8. Dear Saskia,
    I have the same problem, too short on time!
    So I send you lots of hugs and kisses :) Hope you come back as soon as possible, cause we need your colorful posts!
    Have a nice week

  9. Anoniem7/3/12

    Mooie tulpjes en de spekjes,jammie,soms is tijd voor jezelf en familie ook fijn,liefs Musje,xx

  10. Saskia, thank you for these sweet bouquets here, and I hope the time fairy arrives for you.

  11. lovely tulips, make me long for a bouquet of red ones in a white jug!

  12. We hebben er allemaal wel eens last van Saskia :) Belangrijkste is dat je wél steeds weer terugkomt hoor! Al die vrolijkheid willen we niet missen!

    Lieve groet uit het zuiden!

  13. So very Pretty in Pink. Wishing you pink cheeks of Springtime joy. Safe travels...

  14. Lieve Saskia,

    Grappig dat je in onze zuiderlijke buurstaat was! Wij vlogen ook via Miami naar Curaçao. In Miami woont een lieve vriendin van me en daar willen we nog een weekje naar toe, altijd leuk om in de Hyatt Summerfield Suites lekker te vertoeven; net of je thuis bent. Met de auto is ook een groot voordeel al.
    Ja, ja de lente komt eraan, hier bloeien de azaleas de camellias, forsythias etc. etc. Het gaat nu vlug. Pieter maaide het gras al!
    Lieve knuffel,


  15. Hi Saskia,
    I was missing you. I'm glad you returned to the blog.
    I loved the new pictures, they are beautiful!

  16. Waar zit je toch ?????....lieve lieve Sassie van me ?????.......ik mis je zooooooo.......xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.........liefs van mij....xxx.

  17. SASKIA!!! I know dearest, that you were traveling, right? I so miss you so much, but you are busy! LOVE THE PINK SO MUCH! How have you been? Come and visit and stay a bit and chat, please? LOVE! Anita

  18. Hi Saskia,
    Those are some lovely tulips. I hope you have been busy enjoying some adventure and having lots of fun.


  19. Hi Saskia,

    I enjoyed viewing your cute and pretty photos here today!

    I hope you can still find a bit of relaxing time during your busy life.


  20. Dear Saskia,

    I love your pretty pink tulips and photos.
    Life is very busy so I understand how time is precious with a young family that needs your time.

    Sending love and hugs, sweet friend and hope you are enjoying your week
    Carolyn xo

  21. Prachtige foto's als ik zo na foto 2 kijk schist het mij te binnen dat er een paar verjaardagen bij Jullie deze maanden zijn, als dat zo is gefeliciteerd. Groetjes Esther.

  22. Liefste Saskia! Lovely lovely colors! You make my days happy and bright! Thank you for being out here. kus kus kus xoxo

  23. Beautiful tulips Saskia!

    have a great week - you sound very busy!

    Gill xx

  24. Hope all is well in your corner of the world. Time seems to get away from most of us these days. I can't believe already a whole week of March is gone. Wishing you all the best. Tammy

  25. A time-fairy - now, that is what i need too! If you ever meet one - send it over ;) Time flies, it's scary how fast, i feel behind with EVERYTHING! Een heel fijne weekend lieve Saskia, geniet van het zonnetje (when it comes)!

  26. Volgens mij was je even ver ver weg? Zie je af en toe op fb voorbij komen, leuk je ook hier weer te 'zien', lieve groet

  27. I have missed you but lucky I have fb!!!! You know how much I adore PINK...your photos are lovely and as we roll on into the weekend..something pink will be happening in my home. xoxo HUGS

  28. Has your Time Fairy arrived yet?
    You have such lovely pictures :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend, if your fairy has arrived fly on over to my blog or FB I'm having a Easter giveaway.

  29. Beautiful posts, great sense of style! Love your work and blog! Please stop by mine, maybe we could follow each other?
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  30. Hi Saskia!
    Sending you hugs and a special thank you for being YOU!
    Enjoy your family ~ time does go by so quickly...
    I saw a little boy skipping along side his father today, giggling and giggling. We were on our way to the grocery store where Jason worked as a teenager earning money for college. Now he's so far away ♥ and grown up!

    I wish you overflowing blessings, always,

  31. Très belles couleurs, Saskia! J'aime beaucoup!

  32. Hello Sweet Saskia, thanks for flying by, which book would you like me to enter you in for the giveaway? Have a wonderful week xoxoxo

  33. Hi Saskia

    I hear they have a special on the Time Fairy, buy one/get two free. I will be happy to receive mine from you and will even pay the shipping. A novel idea

    Have a fairytale week.
    Helen xx

    1. Hello dear Saskia! Thank you so much for visiting me and for your lovely comment! Your blog is so happy and cheerful! Pink is my favourite colour and I loved these sweet photos! I do hope you have more time sweetie! There are just too many wonderful things to fit into one day! Hugs and kisses~ Paula

  34. Dearest sweeet saskia, such beautiful photos and in the color i adore - pink!! I hope your week is off to a beautiful start! Have a lovely merry happy tuesday and love to you!

  35. Thank you sweet Saskia! A very happy Tuesday to you dear one! xo~ Much love, Paula

  36. Gorgeous photos. Hugs and smiles!!!


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