15 maart 2012

* DisNeY *

All our dreams can come true,
if we have the courage to pursue them
Walt Disney

We have been enjoying a truly magical time, but why oh why was tout Florida in the Magical Kingdom?
So so crowded..


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  1. Dat hoop ik ook voor jou lieve Saskia. Het is er zo geweldig.
    Fijn weekend!
    Lieve groet van Riet

  2. Oh zo leuk, ik heb de boeken hier liggen, we plannen ook een lang weekend Disney voor deze zomer. Daar kan je als volwassene weer kind zijn, niet?!
    Groetjes Sofie

  3. Lijkt me ZO heerlijk, weer even genieten van een sprookjeswereld, staat op mn lijstje......

  4. Wow amazing photos!
    Glad you've had a wonderful time - it is so magical for children and for the grownups too - i loved our visit to Paris Disneyland a few years ago as much as my daughter I think!
    Heres hoping for courage then!

    Gill xx

  5. Heerlijk, iedereen wilde natuurlijk van die magie genieten! Lieve groetjes

  6. Heerlijk jullie met zijn 6 en daar in Florida......toch wel een...ik zeg een seconde aan mij gedacht toch ????hihihih!!!liefs van mij allerliefste Sassie van me...xxx...

  7. Hi Saskia,
    You are in Disneyland! Great pics! I didn't know Disneyland.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  8. Looks as if you're having a wonderful time! Went to Disneyland in Japan about 20 years ago - it's amazing!

  9. Walt Disney was quite a talented and unique man, wasn't he? I never visited any of the Disney theme parks, but enjoyed his TV show every Sunday evening for years...back when I was a little girl...and TV was in black and white! I'm so happy you're having a wonderful time.

  10. Dearest Saskia,

    Oh for sure you all enjoyed it in Orlando! Crowded; yes - always! We were there in 2008 with our German son and family. Little Maren was still too short for being allowed to enter certain attractions... Sad as she and her Mom had to stand on the sideline, watching us having fun.
    Great memories and good for a repeat.
    Love to you,


    PS for us only 6 hrs driving...

  11. Dear Saskia,

    Oh how wonderful for you and your family sweet friend, having a holiday in Florida.
    Years ago we went to Disneyland in California and remember crowds and long queues waiting for the rides.
    Do hope all is well with you and your family and enjoy the rest of the week


  12. My wife has been but I never have and really don't care for heavy crowds. I am so glad you got the chance and it is probably much cooler than it would be in the summer. The pictures are truly magical.


    Oh my how I have missed YOU! BUT YOU WERE HERE in our country, seeing our Disneyworld! Yes, theme parks here are ALWAYS CROWDED! I grew up in Los Angeles where just outside of the city is the original DISNEYLAND. It was always a magical place to visit, but so overcrowded. DID YOU HAVE A GOOD TIME? ALl of your children must have had such a lovely time. THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME with your friendship and lovely words. I so missed you. School is ALMOST DONE before I have one entire week for spring break. I cannot wait.

    My Etsy shop is doing very well. If you went to visit, you probably did not see much; I have sold out of a lot of things!!! I am trying to juggle my full-time teaching job with creating and it is not easy to do!

    I SEND YOU MY LOVE and best wishes for a wonderful and restful time at HOME!!! LOVE! Anita

  14. Hello sweet Saskia! I am so happy you and and your family are enjoying Disneyland! The photos are beautiful and I love the quote you shared! I am sorry it is so crowded! I don't like crowds either! I hope you continue to have a magical time sweetie! xo~ Paula

  15. Saskia Dear I love Disneyland...more the original one in Anaheim than Florida. Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. How fun that you were able to come visit our land. Love the photos. Blissful Happiness...

  16. Welcome back from Disney World. Thank you for sharing wonderful pictures. It brought me back memories of the time when Hideaki and I took the children there. They were so happy and we had a lot of fun as well. It is really like a dreamland with all the happiness and joy.
    I miss there too Saskia! But I'm sure your weekend will be as joyful as in Disney World, because you're always up to something so much fun!! Have a wonderful weekend!!! Much love to you ♥ kus kus

  17. Oh Saskia, they are wonderful photos and I do love the Walt Disney quote. Have a wonderful, magical weekend xoxoxo
    Ruth and her Princess also send hugs your way and wish you a wonderful weekend :-)

  18. Ahhhhh i do LOVE Disney World, it is a place of magic.
    Gorgeous photos!
    enjoy your time there x
    love jooles x

  19. Wat een feest, heerlijk lijkt me om daar bij te zijn, fijn weekend groetjes Esther. Xx

  20. I LOVE Disney - haven't ever been with the boys but saving up!
    Nice to see you over at mine earlier - have a happy weekend
    fee x

  21. Anoniem16/3/12

    happy, happy, joy, joy, joy :D
    so glad you had an amazing time
    but yes they are always crowded!
    i saw Mickey & Minnie the first
    time when i was 50...i couldn't
    stop smiling...they bring out the
    child in all of us!!!

  22. Hi there,
    I'm so excited! I just stumbled upon your blog - and what a fun and happy and colourful place it is!!! It's like visiting the fairground! I'll be visiting again soon, for more eye-candy.....

  23. Dit klinkt geweldig Saskia! Wat zullen de kinderen het leuk hebben gevonden. Begrijp ik het nu goed dat jullie naar Florida zijn geweest? Wat heerlijk zo tussendoor!

    Is het nog gelukt in Engeland?

    Lieve groetjes & een fijn weekend van Madelief xox

  24. Hi Saskia,
    I love Disney too. I know you and your family must be having a wonderful time in the Magic Kingdom.


  25. Dearest sweet saskia, oh my your over at the US!!! I am such a huge fan of Disney and i was so HAPPY when my papa took me to that same one in Florida! Have a wonderful trip sweet fiend! Love to you!

  26. Anoniem17/3/12

    Prachtig je foto`s,dat was vast genieten,fijn weekend,liefs Musje,xx

  27. Very magical photos from DisneyWorld. I have not been to Disney World...only Disneyland. Our daughters love Disneyland, and have such fond childhood memories of it. It can be very crowded though, I agree!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting over on my blog. It was so nice to see that!


  28. Wow you really had a nice vacation. For me, I just simply wanted to bring my kids there for even once. It's not that a big thing for me, I may bring them to other theme park but just for my kid's sake, I gladly choose to be in Disney than somewhere else. Renting Stroller had helped me a lot in facilitating my kids since they are still todds.


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