6 april 2011


Have you ever heard of adding
3 dl black coffee
to your pancake pastry?

I bought these 2 brown bags at the mill
the miller told me to add black coffee to the pastry
to achieve a lovely brown colour
I was ... let's say, surprised

how do you bake or eat your pancakes ?
I like to be surprised ;o)


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  1. I make a sourdough pancake batter since I have sourdough on hand. Yum!

  2. i've never thought to add coffee to pancakes, saskia. you'll have to let me know how it works.

    the sun is shining today, and i planted lots of pansies.

  3. Dear Saskia,

    I would not have thought of adding coffee to pancakes.
    My husband made them on Sunday morning for our breakfast and we had them with blueberries and raspberries with a little sprinkling of sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice and then a drizzle of maple syrup. we had them with bacon and it was yummy.

    Happy week, dear friend

  4. We have pancakes almost every Sunday for breakfast and Captain V is the 'best in the west' at getting them to be light and fluffy.

    You won't believe this [I know I didn't] but when I first moved in with his family and we sat down for a pancake breakfast together, the children reached for the Vegemite [an Australian savoury spread like Marmite] to lather over their pancakes! YUCK!!!!

    I've since introduced them to the delights of whipped cream and jam, lemon juice and sugar & of course the old chestnut maple syrup.

    xx F

  5. Veel pannekoeken bak ik niet meer zelf. Intussen doet onze oudste dat. Ze smaken LEKKER!!! Het is eens wat anders, zoonlief blijgemutst achter de koekenpan en mama aan tafel met de rest van het gezin. Ik begrijp dat jij nog kleintjes hebt maar wie weet... in de toekomst...
    Maar zeg, wordt die bloem dan echt zo 'mooi' verpakt in van die bruine zakken bij de molenaar of deed je dat zelf voor de foto???? Dat vind ik nu eens echt leuk... maakt het nog leuker om aan het bakken te gaan.
    Hoop dat de pannekoeken smaakten????
    O, en om ook nog antwoord te geven op je vraag:
    nooit zwarte koffie toegevoegd maar dat moeten we zeker eens uitproberen! Heb jij het geprobeerd? En?

  6. Gosh I've never heard of that Saskia!
    We tend to have either lemon and sugar, maple syrup, or nutella, although every now and then we do add sliced banana and cream to the nutella! Yum!
    Thanks for visiting and leaving a lovely comment!

  7. I usually like mine a bit lighter tasting...love them with fruit and whipped cream! They are just a good food for any time of day. :D

  8. Hej Saskia lovely...
    My teenage boys love to make pancakes...everyday if I allowed them...!
    They say their magic ingredient is CINAMMON
    They always taste so scrummilicious...
    I always ask for more more please...
    Happy Pancake Days

  9. We rarely make them at home but prefer to get them at IHOP (International House of Pancakes) Linda likes hers with fruit on top, strawberries or peaches and then whipped cream on top of the fruit. I like them with pecans mixed in the batter and maple syrup. Yummy.

  10. i love fluffy pancakes and i always add pieces of apples to the mixture. the apples becomes tender and it taste divine especially with lots of maple syrup. yummy, yummy ! ^_^
    enjoy yours sweet saskia xxx

  11. Saskia! WOW, I would imagine that these would be delicious! Now, I think European pancakes are different from American ones....ours our THICK and yours resemble crêpes from France...I like YOUR VERSIONS BETTER! And with a little coffee flavor? YUMMYLICIOUS!!!!

    I can't wait to hear about your travels to MY COUNTRY!!!! I wish you were coming to Minneapolis!!!! BISOUS, Anita

  12. Nothing better than blueberry pancakes with powdered sugar on top. Yum!


  13. Yummylicious is exactly what pancakes are. I love them and I shall have to try adding coffee for a surprise. I like to add pumpkin puree and cinnamon and nutmeg to the batter. I also really like oatmeal pancakes which tend to be thick and healthy. Happy Spring and Pancake Eating...

  14. Now that is something my friend....i will promise to give it a try...my sweetie pie Jay does all the pancake making in our home.

    Cute little goodie bags my friend. Have a great day...i am off to the bath ...to make my back happy. xoxoxo

  15. Lovely idea! I'll try that yummy trick next time. Happy day to you!

  16. Hi Saskia,
    Coffee may just be the secret ingredient to yummilicious pancakes. I have a chocolate chip cookie recipe that includes coffee and the cookies are scrumptious. As for my pancakes, I do not eat them very often but the kids have always liked chocolate or blueberries.

  17. Hallo Saskia.
    Ik bak altijd met twee pannen erg snel pannenkoeken. Soms met ontbijtspek, kaas of appel.
    En...ze gaan altijd allemaal op.
    Fijne dag.
    Groetjes Marga

  18. I don't bake them (I'm not a good baker), but I eat them with syrup, hummm. Delicious!

  19. I have never heard of adding coffee, but is sounds yummy. Your picture is adorable!

    I like to add a few chocolate chips to the batter when I am in the mood for chocolate. I have added little apple bits, and cinnamon sometimes in the batter for a little change too. My family loves our pancakes topped with peanut butter and syrup.
    My best friend serves her pancakes topped with syrup, banana slices, and walnuts. That is a very delicious way to eat them too!

    Have a lovely day!

    xoxo Gloria

  20. Hoi Saskia

    Koffie heb ik nog niet gehoord...wij doen soms blond bier of bruiswater bij het deeg.

    Fijne dag
    Lieve groetjes Michelle

  21. I put a drop of rhum in them!

  22. Hallo saskia,
    Ook ik ben zeer verrast....had hier ook nog nooit van gehoord n.l.
    Ik bak ze gewoon zoals het op de verpakking staat. Soms met kaas en bacon of ham, maar meestal naturel.
    Een hele fijne woensdag toegewenst,
    liefs Ester

  23. Ik vind koffie heerlijk maar dit is helemaal nieuw voor mij! Bier bij het beslag werkt heel goed en is overheerlijk!
    groet, Helmi

  24. Ik ben net wakker.....Pannekoeken.......???....gewoon ....met ananas en kaas........het liefst....maar we eten ze twee keer per jaar denk ik.......hahahhaha!! ik ga opschieten...moet werken.....heb bijna de hele nacht wakker gelegen van de hoofdpijn....zuchttt...en nu weer werken.....voel me als een pannekoek !...liefs van mij....xxx...xxx...xxx...

  25. Gave foto heb je ervan gemaakt en haha van mij geen goede tip,want wij kopen kant en klare magnetron dingen,wat stroop en poedersuiker erop en klaar haha,wens je een fijne dag,liefs Joke,x

  26. Mijn pannekoeken worden altijd in dank afgenomen. Heel eenvoudig. Kilo bloem, 7 eieren, melk 1 1/2 liter ongeveer, snufje zout, klein beetje kaneel. Heerlijk! Lekker dun bakken. De eieren maken het zo smaakvol. En wil je er spek door oid dan laat ik de kaneel weg.
    Wat een leuk blog heb je trouwens!

  27. Manlief bakt ze altijd, hij is er super in! Ondanks de leeftijd van m'n kids eten ze ze nog graag:) maar gewoon naturel, nog nooit van koffie toevoegen gehoord. Maar ik eet ze wel met jam...mmmm zo lekker! Gauw weer eens doen. Ik hoop dat het zonnetje snel doorkomt in ons park, nog even en we lopen weer onder de bloesem, Saskia!!!!

  28. Hmmm lekker pannenkoeken, nu de heren de deur uit zijn eten we ze niet zo vaak meer( toen wekelijks.) Het zijn nu meestal groente pannenkoeken voor twee ;-)
    Fijne dag Lieve Groetjes Esther.

  29. Heerlijk pannekoeken,we maken ze af en toe op verschillende manieren,iedere keer weer een verrassing,xxx.

  30. Lemon and sugar is my fav.


  31. Saskia, dear, we do not eat pancakes around here, not like you do, I mean. It is not so usual. I believe you eat them for breakfast, isn't it? We don't. We have bread, butter, cheese, jam, coffee and milk for breakfast. Oh, and cake (my favorite!!!)!!:o))
    Do you believe if I say I have never baked pancakes? Believe it! Never!! OH, MAY I FEEL EMBARASSED NOW???rs
    How are you dear Saskia? Wednesday has just begun around here. Much sewing to do, as usual. 60 mini sewing kits were ordered by a mom as birth favor to her baby girl who will be delivered in June!!! Oh, my!!! I've gotta run!!!
    Much love to you, sweetest FRiend!!!
    Love you!!

  32. Lovely picture - i like these pink mouth shapes, they add the sassy touch! I like my Pannekoeken à la francais - thin, like crepes and with Nutella! Een fijne zonnige dag lieve Saskia et bon appetit!

  33. Thanks for your comment at my place:) What a lovely blog you have! yummy!!!

  34. Dearest Saskia,

    Well, I do have a cookbook from Douwe Egberts and knew it can be added to lots of dishes but no, pancakes I did not know. We eat them with the Grade A Maplesyrup; yummy with fresh berries...



  35. Hoi Saskia,

    Dit is echt nieuw voor mij! Leuk dat jij zo blij bent met het resultaat. Is de koffiesmaak niet te overheersend?

    Ik eet het liefst mijn pannenkoeken met appel & spek, maar met ananas vind ik ze ook erg lekker.

    Ik wens je een gezellige avond, geniet nog van de laatste zon!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  36. Ik ga binnenkort weer naar de molen, benieuwd of zij ook iets bijzonders met hun pannenkoekenmeel doen :-)

  37. My husband makes pancakes every Sunday night for supper. I usually eat them the normal way with butter and syrup but sometimes I eat them with peanut butter and syrup.

  38. I like my pancakes and waffles with PEANUT BUTTER!!!! Ooooh, what a treat!!! :) :) :)
    I love the bags and the LIPS. :) :) :)
    I'm licking mine thinking about P.B. waffles....yummo!! :) :) :)

  39. I have never heard of that! But, I'd be sure to try them...I love coffee and pancakes. We add a little butter and syrup to ours. And, sometimes blueberries or chocolate chips....yummmm.

  40. Hi Saskia!
    I add coffee to my chocolate cake. You can't taste the coffee in it, but it makes the chocolate even stronger!
    love it's "punch."

    Pancakes are soooo delicious... they are a favorite meal ~ I don't make them as often as I used to since my kids are grown up, but I do still really love them!
    They are a comfort food ♥
    Wishing you lots of yummilicious treats to eat with your family*
    Have a happy happy weekend too!
    God bless you always*

  41. Interesting have never heard this tip before.

  42. I have never eat pancakes....what is this?.
    I know it 's a cake made with milk,eggs..sugar...but in Italy is not easy to buy.Give me your recipe,please!.

  43. I love eating pancakes but have never made them, so you will have to tell how they tasted!!
    Have a lovely day:)

  44. Wow! I've never heard of this before, but it DOES sound yummylicious! :)
    ~ Zuzu

  45. I've never heard of that before! So interesting!
    I hope you are having a great day!

  46. Hoij Sas, thank you for your lovely comment - am glad my bright colors cheered you up! Not always do i wear such bright things, but i loved to play with my camera! Next time i make pancakes, i must try adding the coffee, like you describe sounds like een lekkerer hap! Heel fihn avond lieve vriendin, weekend ahead, YAY!

  47. Coffee, that's a good idea, I've never thought of it. i always add a bit of yoghurt to the dough, it makes the pancakes thick and fluffy :)

  48. Oh, I think I might try that! I like to add almond extract to my batter!
    Did you try the coffee in your pancakes yet?
    Happy Weekend Lovely Lady!
    gi gi

  49. Nope, I've never heard of such a thing. I think I'll give it a try. If the miller said do it...

    blessings, Debbie


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