15 februari 2010

Today's Thoughts

February = Festive

3 out of our 4 kids
will celebrate their birthday
2,4,7 years old
All those figures ....
I figured out that I'm approaching 111 followers
111 or 3 times 1

My thoughts went on ....

* 1 Giveaway will stay in my country
* 1 Giveaway will go out of my country
* 1 Giveaway for an interesting & inspiring lovely lady

3 festive days ~ 3 festive Giveaways

I will keep you posted!

29 opmerkingen:

  1. This all sounds wonderful! I just wanted to say thanks for all your kindness..I have added you to my blog list and will follow your sweet blog! Bless you! :D

  2. Did I mention, your blog is wonderful??? I think I did.
    I love comming in here! So I added you to my sidebar so I wont miss a thing!

    Boy, you have a lot to do, haven´t you? Haha!
    You "planned" your children well =). It´s amazing, how all three of them came to celebrate their birthdays one after annother!

    I really look forward to your giveaway!
    Have a great start of your week!


  3. That is a sweet idea... I will post a giveaway tomorrow, and also searching for a special feature ;)

  4. sounds like fun! i have three kiddos myself :) thank you for visiting! have a great week. susan

  5. Bonjour Saskia,
    My how lucky you are to have 4 beautfil children? WHat a wonderful giveaway idea, you are so kind and I so appreciate all your sweet visits.
    Have a good week!

  6. Hoi Saskia

    Wat leuk 3 kinderen jarig deze maand ! wel druk.........en wat een leuk idee van de give away......

    Hoe kom je in zo'n korte tijd aan zoveel volgers?? ik ga ook wel lekker hoor bijna 50 in twee weken......ik ga morgen een foto maken van ook een give away heb er zin in !!

    Ik wil je laatse 1 wel zijn .........hihiiihihihih!! dat ben ik wel hoor lief en intressant...........pfffffffffffff............ik ga gauw mijn mond spoelen hoor.....dit past helemaal niet bij me ! ik ?? ben gewoon Ria ,........fijne avond en week !

  7. That's sounds fun, looking forward to seeing what you do!
    Warm wishes Emma xx

  8. Oh, wow that sounds like fun! I love your blog!

  9. Oh, how nice of you! I'll be watching. You have such a lovely blog. Have a nice week! Twyla

  10. sounds fun!
    thanks for always finding time to pop by & leave sweet comments.
    hugs to you Saskia

  11. I just found your blog and it's beautiful. I'm so glad I get to be follower 111 :-)

  12. Hello, dear Saskia,
    Happy Birthday to your children! I know their celebrations will be fun! Congratulations on your 111 followers, too. I always enjoy visiting your wonderful blog! I hope you have a beautiful, fun-filled week! Vicki

  13. February will be filled with lots of birthday cakes and wishes at your house ~ all the best to you for a busy month!

  14. Happy Birthday to your sweet ones..you are one busy mom!!! I so appreciate your lovely and encouraging comments you leave me all the time xoxoxo

  15. Hi! How wonderful to visit here again... You have a sweet blog... I love your photographs and really like the fabric wreath. The message on the heart of love and faith is beautiful. A lovely reminder ♥ blessings ~ Maria

  16. 111 = Fun, fun, fun!!! I love the photo of you and that precious little one in your profile! My mom's birthday is in February too, on the 18th. Have a good night Sweetie!

  17. Love your pretty ribbons and the flower. Oh how I am missing my flower friends right about now. Hard to believe in a couple of months we will be happily whispering our secrets from the winter months to one another! Can't wait to see them again!
    PS- and a gigantic Happy Birthday to all your kiddos! That's a lot of partying going on at your house!!!

  18. Sounds great, am looking forward to it!

  19. Hier wordt ik nou blij van om 8.00 uur, jouw mooie foto. Geniet van de dag!

  20. Sounds like so much fun! Have a sweet day!

  21. Sounds like fun, thanks for your lovely comments.

    Hugs RosieP x

  22. Three Birthdays in one month? Sounds like fun, yes, but also sounds like a lot of work :-) Nice blog!
    Best wishes

  23. Proficiat met je 3 jarigen! En natuurlijk met 111 volgers, inmiddels alweer 112 zie ik.
    Groetjes Renny

  24. Leuk weer een give away. Bij mij op mijn blog ook zeer binnenkort een. Moet alleen nog iets vinden voor dat ik het kan posten.
    Alvast gefeliciteerd met je drie kids. 4 kinderen. Wooh en ik dacht dat ik er met 3 al veel had. En met inmiddels de 112ste volger zie ik nu.

  25. Wow Sas wat leuk zeg......ik ben er klaar voor.
    Dat wordt bijzonder, ik voel het aan mijn water.
    Wat rijk ben je toch met 4 kids, och, wat een weelde......
    Alvast van harte met je kanjers.
    Fijne dag

  26. You will be super busy with 3 birthdays to prepare for! Congrats on your 111 followers Saskia, I think I will also hold a giveaway when I reach 100 followers.
    Your giveaway plans sound exciting :) Looking forward to your next posts.


  27. Anoniem16/2/10

    Happy Birthday to them all Saskia! My 2 are in June.They are both girls they are in their middle twenties.Hold on they do grow up fast Saskia! LOL.

    Thanks for the lovely comments you leave always, much appreciated my friend.Do have a lovely rest of your week!~~By the way I cant wait til the giveaway!

  28. Happy Birthday to them all!! What a busy time with 3 birthdays!!! Enjoy though!!

  29. My, you certainly have your hands full this month! Fun post and I love those images, especially the red striped ribbon.


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