23 februari 2010

Enchanting Envelopes

All envelopes
that have reached me
are stored in a
Beautiful Big Box

My dearest friend Francis
surprises me
time after time
with those colorful & sweet envelopes

all the way
from Calgary
have this cute little stamp

~ From anywhere ... to anyone ~
~ De partout ...jusqu'a vous ~

makes me daydream ....

28 opmerkingen:

  1. Good Morning Saskia...
    How beautiful these envelopes are. I love the ones stamped from Calgary. Aren't they just the prettiest?

    Do you recycle these envelopes into other things? I am just curious as to what you are going to make or do with all of them?

    Pretty post as always. Have a beautiful day sweetie. Country hugs...Sherry

  2. Hello Saskia!

    What a beautiful post to wake up to! I am lovin' the colors and your photos are perfection!

    I'm wondering the same thing as Sherry...What are your plans for all of these pretties?

    Thank you for visiting me and your sweet comments...I'll come back soon for another visit!



  3. Yay..these are all so charming and so beautiful! What fun! They are so pretty! Fantastic post!

  4. Having pretty packaging makes it all the more special, doesn't it? They are wonderful!
    What a dear friend!

  5. Bonjour Saskia,
    How pretty and what a thoughtful friend you have. Lovely idea to store it all in a beautiful box.
    Good day to you!

  6. Pretty, pretty! I used to have some of those "champignon" ones!

  7. Hoi Saskia,

    Wat een leuke envelopjes!! Was die van mij er een van? Vast wel denk ik, die is ook zo mooi!

    Heeft Francis een eigen Etsy winkeltje?

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  8. Hello, dear Saskia,
    Those envelopes are so sweet and pretty! I love how you have them stored in a box for wonderful remembrances! I always enjoy my visit with you because it brightens my day! I hope you are having a very good week! Vicki

  9. What a wonderful thing to post about ;) They made me smile all the way from Michigan USA! We just got 8 inches of snow yesterday and more is on the way ;)

    Have a wonderful day ;)

    Karen B.

  10. Oh you and me...I have have a thing for mail and all things pretty. Could you please email me at kmteichroeb@hotmail.com
    Thank you sweet one. xoxoxoox I could not find your email address.

  11. Anoniem23/2/10

    Those are adorable Saskia!The colors are so bright and lovely.Please email me as well.I like to add to your colorful collection.rebbamochaa@gmail.com

  12. Wat schattig..

    jij maakt zulke leuke post steeds.........ik geniet ervan hoor!!

    Wil je mijn adres?? ik wil ook wel zo'n leuke ....jahahahhahahhahha!!

    Groetjes van mij

  13. What beautiful colors and how fun to receive them in the mail!

  14. wat een leuke kleurrijke enveloppen. mooi groetjes Esther.

  15. These are beautiful! What a great treasure. I love that you're keeping them!

  16. De auteurs zijn: Maggie Bateson en Louise Comfort. Ik hoop dat je het kan vinden. Zo niet dan wil ik hier nog wel kijken of ik het kan vinden en het je eventueel opsturen.

  17. Zo zeg wat een boel en wat een vrolijkheid hier.
    Echt prachtig, zo'n enveloppe wil ik ook wel door de deur.
    Fijne avond

  18. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  19. Saskia darling what a good friend you have, these envelopes are so adorable. Isn't it just lovely to receive mail the old fashion way...a acard, a letter, rather than an email or a text!! Horrible, I long for the days gone by.

    Love & Hugs

  20. What gorgeous envelopes Saskia! I love the colours and how you so carefully keep them in boxes. What a lovely post to brighten the morning! Hope you have a wonderful day ~ Tina x

  21. Those bright envolopes must be so exciting to recieve! Hope your having a great week :)


  22. How cute!! So lovely you have kept so many beautiful ones!

  23. Oh what sweet happy little things they are!

    Your comment made me laugh today :)

  24. Hello Saskia! That's really sweet...I love that your friend sends you actual mail...how delightful!!!

    Have a wonderful week ~

    :) T

  25. So cute! I love cute stationery.


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