12 februari 2012


my Bird Cake
Frying fat made liquid, added bird seeds
and baked-off in the freezing cold

a sweet petit ice cake for the eye

Enjoy the last weeks of Winter time
Spring is just around the corner

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  1. een mooie zondag! liefs, @nne

  2. How lovely, and yes I do enjoy the winter despite my cold!

  3. Made the exact same bird cake ;-)
    We had a blue sky yesterday!!!! Yeeaaaahhhh!!! Today it's all grey again but that bright blue sky yesterday just made the weekend.
    Enjoy this last(?) winterday!

  4. Hi Saskia,

    You are so thoughtful to make a cake for the birds, I'm afraid if I put one out the cats would devour it and the birds :(

    Thanks for visiting me today.

    You have a lovely blog here, full of wonderful photos.

    Have a god week.


    ps no blue skies in Ireland!

  5. OOOOH MY !! A BIRD CAKE! That is what I can do for them! Oh I need to find the recipe! But I wonder if our CHUBBY squirrels will get a hold of it! They are cunning and will find a way, at ALL COSTS, to invade our feathered friends' food! THis is so YOU...bright, beautiful, JOYful! Oh Saskia, it is a joy to see you visit and post. HAVING FUN? I AM TOO, although work is stressful and overloaded with too much, SPRING IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER and I am going to have fun.

    Merci ma belle pour tes mots de tendresse. Oh, vous tous, vous, mes amies, vous êtes super!!!!!

    BISES, Anita

  6. Ja heerlijk Sassie !!...zullen we samen wachten op de lente....??.....maarre heb je dan nog wel een andere stoel....dit gaat hem niet worden voor mij ben ik bang.....proestttttt!!...hahahahhahhah!!....liefs fijne zondag....leuk je meisjes op de schaats.......xxx.....xxxx....xxx...x...

  7. Et deux petites bises pour toi, a la Parisienne!!!!!!!!!!!

    en twee kussen op beide wangen voor jou lieve zuster!


  8. Dit zijn de leuke dingen van de winter, maar ohhhhhh wat fijn dat de lente er aan gaat komen!

  9. Love that "cake" for the birds! And, those beach chairs look terribly patient waiting for summer!

  10. Buona domenica e felice inverno dolce Saskia!

  11. Hello Saskia

    How kind and thoughtful of you to remember the birds. To make and present to them a cake of such beauty to honour the magnificent shades of their plumage is I am sure beyond their expectations.

    Helen xx

  12. Lovely photos of the children enjoying the snow. Loved the last one of deckchairs too!
    We must all think of the poor birds in this cold weather!

  13. Saskia, thankyou for such lovely eye candy, and for the message that Spring is on it's way.
    Thankyou for visiting me and leaving such lovely comments, they are much appreciated. Love Linda x

  14. De vogeltjestaart is om zo op te eten Saskia. Wat goed gedaan. Leuke foto van je kindjes. Denk je echt dat het al lente word? Hier sneeuwt het nu behoorlijk.Het kan nog best een poosje winteren. Maar ik hoop dat het over is hoor.
    Lieve groet van Riet

  15. Anoniem12/2/12

    Prachtig je vogeltaart en wat leuk het schaatsen,is dat bij jou,want het is daar volgens mij prachtig de natuur,wens je nog een fijne zondag,lieve groet Musje.xx

  16. Hello Saskia...I hope you are having a lovely Sunday....Your bird cake looks so good....they are such lucky birds that have their home in your garden!
    I love your heart warming photographs and yes...I can't wait for Spring...It's so cold and misty here today!
    Hope you have a great week,
    Susan x

  17. Oh, Saskia! How lovely! We've had a very mild winter this year, (Missouri, United States) with only a few days of REALLY cold temperatures. Expecting a couple of inches of snow tomorrow, which is OK with me! I AM looking forward to spring, though!

  18. Love your bird cake - such a sweet idea! I hope speing comes soon - i miss the green leavs and warm sunshine, But yes, let's make the most of what we have! Keep warm sweet friend and cuddle in with your loved ones! Veel liefs!

  19. Wat een vrolijke foto's Saskia! Heerlijk om in zo'n ligstoel te genieten van de zon en de ijspret om je heen. Je vogeltulband ziet er prachtig uit. Wat een goed idee.

    Is het gelukt om nog een tweede week in Engeland eraan vast te knopen?

    Een gezellige nieuwe week!

    Liefs van Madelief x

  20. Your birds must be very happy little birds with a cake like that one..yum! :D

  21. I love your joy and so will the birds with this fabulous sweet tweet to eat. Our winter really never began YET and it has been very unusual. We really do need the rain and snow for our water tables. Joyful week to you dear...

  22. Such lucky birds to have such a beautiful yummy looking bird seed cake! That will keep their tummies full!
    Wishing you a wonderful week Saskia!
    xo Catherine

  23. Dear Saskia,

    The birdies must love coming to visit you for their dinner, lovely idea.
    I love the sweet photos of your darling children enjoying the snow.

    Stay warm sweet friend, enjoy your week and I know Spring will be just around the corner.

  24. Dearest Saskia,

    Ah, winter fun for the kids; that's for sure. Birds have also their gourmet food so winter is good on your side.
    Have a great week and a Happy Valentine's Day!
    Love to you,


  25. Dearest sweet saskia, Such fun photos and i wish i could join you and your family. :) Have a wonderful merry happy Valentine's week and love to you! Keep warm sweet friend.

  26. Hi Saskia,
    The cake looks delicious! Is your birthday?
    Enjoy the week.

  27. Hi Saskia!
    Oh you have had winter... Here in New York, we've hardly had any snow... Shhhhh! I don't want Mother Nature to know that she skipped over us for four months! {heehee} I kind of like not having to shovel so much!

    I am certain that your birdies are loving the cake you made for them! What a treat!
    This reminds me to check up on my little ones outside. I haven't spoiled them lately!
    Thank you for the inspiration! I always can count on you for great cakes! :D
    Happy St. Valentine's Day, Saskia!
    Blessings and JOY always!
    ♥ Maria

  28. i am so longing for spring ! but here in Canada, we will still have to be patient. keep warm my dear saskia♥

  29. The bird Cake is looking delicious.
    Enjoy the last week of winter.
    Exam Notes

  30. wow!!! a bird cake!!!! this is sooooo sweet from you!!!!!!
    Love, Dany

  31. love the deckchairs in the snow...funny!
    love jooles x

  32. Oh I bet those lil Birdies just love you!
    your so creative!
    Great winter pics, but yes Spring come soon :)
    lots of love
    gi gi

  33. I bet the birds really appreciated the cake!

  34. Hi Saskia,
    dit is iets wat ik gelijk morgen kan maken met de meiden, de vogels hier krijgen altijd los zaad maar dit is meteen een leuk klusje, bedankt voor de tip! Alvast een goed weekend,
    Maureen xx
    (oh, en zo leuk he dat Mandy van B&B een tweeling krijgt, ik zag de feest lijn,erg leuk allemaal, groetjes!)

  35. You have had the winter weather my friend...our is just wet! Very mild and springlike. Today my pot of tulips on my front porch are popping open...bright red! I will think of you. xoxoxo HUGS

  36. I do hope you are right about Spring being just around the corner.
    I hope you are keeping well, still reading your posts in my reader but apologies for not calling by to comment very often, time just seems to get swallowed up by real life!

  37. I bet the birdies around your house are very happy indeed! Sending warm wishes your way. Tammy

  38. Liefste Saskia,

    Zo, vandaag mag Quinten iets lekkers kiezen voor zijn 4de verjaardag. Dat is heel bijzonder toch. Een knuffel en alle liefs vanuit een regenachtig maar lekker zacht Georgia.


  39. Die vogels zullen vast heel blij zien! Ziet er mooi uit ook in zo'n tulband vorm:)

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