21 november 2011

This is your world

This is your world.
Shape it or someone else will !

Autumn is in full swing
We have been covered with fog for a couple of days and
it will stay that way for a while

Where oh where have I been?
I don't know
doing this and that
running here and there

I am back
off to get back in touch with all you beautiful souls out here

Have a shapely and sweet new week !


47 opmerkingen:

  1. Tijd niet gezien, mooie foto's en een beeldig meisje.

    Lieve groet

  2. Beautiful...and the little beauty in the scarf and gloves is the sweetest thing I have seen all day! :D

  3. Anoniem21/11/11

    Nice pictures and nice to have you back!:)

  4. En dat ijsje maakt het mooie plaatje compleet!

  5. Lovely photos of the Autumn leaves in the water. That must be a photo of your daughter - how cute is she! Love the cool gloves and scarf!

  6. Waar WAS je......oooooo wat een schatje jouw meissie........leuk en nu blijven he???...fb is niks......hemmes heeft het......ik snapt ut nie zo goed........liefs liefs van mij...mij...........♥.. ♥... ♥....

  7. Sweet new week to you and your family!

  8. Jaja herfst wat een prachtige foto van je dochter en de andere foto's zijn ook mooi, jullie ook een Fijne week, lekker dicht bij de kachel en kaasjes aan,Lieve Groetjes Esther.

  9. Wat kan een mens het druk hebben he Saskia en de tijd vliegt. Wat een beeldschoon meisje is dat, je dochter?
    Lieve groet van Riet

  10. Hi Sakia,
    Great pics! Your daughter is so beuatiful!!!

  11. So beautiful, Saskia...you're little one is just adorable!

    Wishing you the most wonderful day, dear friend...


  12. Hello again, Saskia!

    We are just back ashore so I am able to check in with you on your blog again. So nice to see you. The image of your daughter (that is your daughter, right?) is so lovely. She is beautiful!


  13. Hello Saskia

    Nice to have you back blogging again
    Wishing you a joyful week
    Helen xx

  14. Buonanotte anche a te, cara amica !

  15. Welcome back Saskia!!!
    it's nice to read your posts again!!!!
    The little princess is sooo precious!!!

  16. Have a shapely and sweet day too, Saskia.

  17. Hej Saskia, fijn om even een berichtje te zien. Leuke foto's van je dochter en de laatste herfstblaadjes.
    Fijne week, groetjes

  18. Dear Saskia,

    Beautiful photos you have shown today, love the sweet one of your precious daughter, how darling she is and so much like her Mother.
    Enjoy your week and hope the fog lifts so you can see more of the pretty Autumn leaves.
    So looking forward to the Angel, thank you dear friend, you are so kind.


  19. Dear Saskia,
    Beautiful Autumn photos!! Love the quote...:) And...your daughter's sweet smile is full of joy!

    Have a blessed week!


  20. ah, its going to be a great week. sweetie pie, your little pooch.
    ~laura xx

  21. It IS a busy time, isn't it? It is a HAPPY time, full of sweet wishes and eager attitudes. Bless you.

  22. So nice to see you back on your blog today. Lovely photos.


  23. So very glad to "see" you again. Your time is probably busy with your beautiful children...as it should be. Blessings to you dear...

  24. Lieve Saskia,

    What a cutie-pie zouden ze hier zeggen over je dochtertje! Het is een bezit zo'n stel kinderen en jij geniet van de kleine dingen. Alleen de tijd gaat zó snel...


  25. So adorable....love the sweetness of your daughter. xoxo

  26. Anoniem22/11/11

    Hihi, dat ijsje gecombineerd met een handschoen ... geniaal!!!

    Liefs Sas

  27. It's a busy time of year, isn't it? I haven't been posting as much the last few months, but I always love seeing your posts. Beautiful photos Saskia!

  28. Wat een prachtige foto's Saskia.
    Een hele fijne dinsdag toegewenst!
    xxx Ester

  29. Fijn dat je er weer bent, miste je 'joy' al...

  30. Such a sweet little cherub in the photo. Your Autumn looks lovely Saskia! I wish ours lasted longer.

    Wishing you a beautiful week!
    xo Catherine

  31. My sweet Saskia,
    I'm so happy to have you back!
    Your fotos...beautiful!
    have a nice week too

  32. Goodmorning dear Saskia!Thanks for the visit its always nice seeing you.Your daughter looks adorable,so cute and ready for the snow heheh.

    Blessings to you and yours!

  33. Lovely to see you are enjoying the autumn season! Your post always brings colour back in my life. Wishing you a wonderful week, may it be special. Hugs, Lori xxx

  34. Hi Saskia, First time here :) And I'm loving your inspirational 'join my joy'. That cute little girl looks simply gorgeous! Have a wonderful day. Aldy

  35. That is a great Arrival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love your sweet princess, love her clothes!!! She is a star!
    Dear Saskia Friend, I am crazily working sewing much a lot allllllll day looooonggggggggg and almost alllll night loooonggggggggg!!!!:oP
    Tired but happy!
    I am alive ;o)
    Love you!!

  36. Oh Saskia,

    You have been busy too? My dearest, you don't know how much it means to me to see your visit! To think that I am on your list of people to visit makes me happy! I was thinking of you as I was driving in to work this morning. Dearest, you asked about my Facebook page....MY EMAIL had to be changed about 3 weeks ago and in changing it, it messed up my Facebook. I had to start a new account but now I have TWO! But the old FB will not allow me to post on that wall...so many problems with the technology! YOU HAVE BEEN BUSY with the children? So have I. I had two very long and strenuous parent/teacher conferences that last until late at night and today I had a long teacher meeting. We start are Thanksgiving celebration TOMORROW and I am sleeping long!!!!

    LOVE YOU DEAR SASKIA and COME BACK SOON!!!!!!!! And yes, my checkered floors were installed with the love of DUTCH MASTER ARTISTS in mind!!!! Anita

  37. Good morning happy friend...just wanted to start my morning with you....I am off for our Thanksgiving holiday until MONDAY!!!!!

    Relax, regroup, REJOICE!!!!!!!


  38. Those first two photos look like beautiful paintings!

  39. Lovely autumnal photographs Saskia...and your daughter is so beautiful and you must tell her that I love her pretty scarf too!
    Susan x

  40. Hi Saskia! You must have already started your new day! It's very late here... I've been baking apple pies with Amanda and my father who is visiting. Chris was busy tonight fixing a leak under the sink {Isn't it tradition to have something break on a holiday :o) all is well now though}
    I love your impressionist pictures. Sometimes it's good to be undefined, but sometimes ~ it's good to know where we're going!
    I have been "here and there" too. So much of life happening all around ~
    Tomorrow, I will be with my whole family, except Jason ~ which I am trying to get used to. He will be with a colleague and his family tomorrow. I'm glad he will be with people. Since he just started this job in April, he doesn't have much vacation time and is saving it up for Christmas. Oh it will be wonderful to see him!
    I wish you the best of days and many JOYS all weekend long!
    God bless you*

  41. Hoij Saskia, prachtige Fotos van het herfstbladjes, like impressionist paintings! And your girl is simply gorgeous - that expression on her face - so sweet! I've been away for 3 days, escaping the fog that we have here too. But i see you still celebrate COLOR - and that keeps us happy this time of year! Een heel fijne avond - geniet van een lekkere copje tee! xox

  42. Hoi Saskia,

    Gezellig dat je er weer bent! Ik had al het idee dat je het druk had. Gelukkig met leuke dingen :-)! Jammer dat de Italiaanse les zo tegenvalt. Het lijkt mij ook een prachtige taal om te spreken.

    Met het oefenen voor het kerstconcert gaat het goed. Misschien vind je het leuk om te komen? Ons eigen concert is op 17 december 's avonds. Laat het even weten of je wilt komen. Dan mail ik je de details door :-)

    Een gezellige avond & fijn weekend!

    Madelief x

  43. My darling and wonderful friend,

    I have missed you so much....I know you have been very busy with your children but to see you come by to visit has filled me with great joy. How I love this time of year, but really, anytime of year with all of YOU CREATIVE and happy souls is like Christmas all year round....much love to you and thank you for your ever sooooo kind words! BISOUS MON AMIE, Anita


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