22 september 2011


If you don't like something change it;
if you can't change it, change the way you think about it
Mary Engelbreit

I printed and printed and printed this quote
it is in every single room of my house
Now you know what I will be up to this Fall

Did you know that Fall is the season of Change

I am off to put on my running shoes and will start visiting
each and everyone of you
looking forward to seeing you in your lovely little corners of the world !


49 opmerkingen:

  1. Great quote and a terrific reminder for me.
    I love the proactivity in this post Sass and look forward to opening my front door to greet you when you arrive - knock loud, I'll be busy spring cleaning.

    xx's Fizz

  2. That is a brilliant quote, sweetie. Have a lovely evening. Muah

  3. Hi Saskia!Thanks for the sweet visit today to my castles and make believe.I loved the movie Rapunzel,sounds like your having a special time with your children.

    Have a beautiful rest of the week.~~I also love that quote.actually I love almost everything Mary Engelbreit,lol

  4. great quote.. I am putting on my running shoes also. I have so much catching up to do.
    Happy Fall!!!

  5. Ha Saskia. Dat is een mooi gezegde en iets om over na te denken.
    Lieve groet

  6. Great inspiration! And yes, funnily enough change was also my topic today!

  7. Veel plezier met je rondje rond de wereld! Prachtig papier....en mooie ware woorden! Lieve groet

  8. dat heb je mooi weer gegeven Saskia!

    liefs Stina

  9. Wat grappig en zo waar.......hele fijne herfst ......en verander wat je wilt......mag van mij....liefs .....allerliefste Sassie van me......als je jezelf maar niet veranderd...blijf zoals je bent please!!...xxx...xxx...xxx...

  10. Lieve Saskia,
    Leuk papier, waar heb je dat vandaan????

  11. Mind if I print and print and print it over and over again to hang in every single room of our house too?
    Just the quote I needed to hear, especially the last part about it. I just keep on stumbling upon quotes I need to hear tonight. Just a moment ago I read this one: We prefer the beauty of chaos over ugly perfection. It also helped... ;-)
    So, thanks Saskia for your contribution to 'quotes that I just need to read and remember.'

  12. Hope you had a great run...I do love this quote1 ;D

  13. That is a fabulous quote as a guide to how we think and act. How neat you will visit me; you will like the photo on my blog of the friendship bag, I think :)

  14. Change is always good...it adds some fresh ways of looking at things which can be refreshing. Hope you are well and Your fall will be filled with joy. Hugs my friend. xoxo

  15. Hi Saskia,
    Lovely quote!
    I missed you! I'm happy that you return to your blog!
    Have a great weekend!

  16. Oh I LOVE this quote, thank you! I might just follow your lead & print that off a few time myself..x

  17. Love all those pretty labels!

    Change is SO good for the soul, sweet Saskia...GOOD change, that is!

    That quote is one of my favorites...think I'd better put that in a room or two...thanks for the inspiration, dear friend!


  18. Hi, hi, hi!!!!!
    Love you´re back!!!
    Fall there, Spring here.
    How are you, dearest Friend?
    Your four little angels?
    It is late around here, time to rest cause tomorrow will be a busy day!!!
    I have the cupcake liners you sent me before my eyes and they are gorgeous!!!
    Love you!!!

  19. This is a great quote dear. Fall is the season of change and I for one am going to pay attention to how I think about things. Happy running and it will be wonderful to "see" you visiting my little world. Joy to you...

  20. Love the quote. Hope you have a happy rest of your week and a wonderful week end.

    hugs and blessings,

  21. A wonderful quote, Saskia! Chris' cousin said this to me years ago when I needed to deal with the rude behaviors of a former next door neighbor... She told me that I am not able to change his behaviors, but I can change the way I react to them. It made all the difference for me ~

    You are a wise person, Saskia {and adorable too :o)
    *take care and have a happy happy weekend*

  22. Hi Saskia!
    I think we all need to print and print and print this saying out...it's a great way to look at life...and it's many obstacles! thanks for sharing!

    and I was so happy to see you visit with me..I just had to come right over here to see your beautiful smile!

    ciao bella

    Creative CArmelinA

  23. This is such a good thought to go with for me at the moment, hope you won't mind if I put it on my blog somewhere. I am definitely going to apply the quote to some areas of my life. Thanks.

  24. Life changes day by day, a new soul, a new mood,big kiss my dear friend.

  25. It looks as if we BOTH will run into each other as we RUN to visit blogs! School is tough and I am tired and every time I turn around, there is a new post that I have missed from a great blog that I love...oh dear, we simply are too busy!!! LOVE TO YOU BEAUTIFUL SASKIA!!!! Anita

  26. Lieve Saskia,

    Gezellig om weer van je te horen! Ik hoop dat alles goed met jullie gaat? Ik heb je berichtjes de afgelopen dagen gemist. Je hebt prachtig woorden gekozen voor je post van vandaag, maar ook woorden die aan het denken zetten. Ik ben heel benieuwd wat jij gaat veranderen :-)!

    Een heel gezellig weekend! Geniet van de zon.

    Lieve groetjes van Madelief x

  27. I love Mary Englebreit
    ~change~ can be good
    enjoy your run sweet friend

  28. Lieve Saskia,

    Ik hoop dat het vanavond gelukt is om door het gat te zwemmen! Oh ik zou daar ook zo tegenop zien. Zwemmen vind ik heerlijk, maar door zo'n gat zwemmen is toch iets anders. Jullie allebei heel veel succes morgen en veel plezier met het etentje en de voorstelling!

    Liefs van Madelief x

  29. Dearest Saskia,

    So lovely to come and visit you today, in your wonderful corner of the world and many thanks for visiting me.
    Sounds like a very busy weekend for you, sweet friend, hope you have the very best of times.
    Good luck with the swimming exam, enjoy the family dinner and the theater.
    We have just been for our morning walk and now to get out in the garden and plant my new nectarine and peach tree. Love the quote, and enjoy your Autumn weekend.


  30. That is a very good quote Saskia. I love it that you placed it all over your house!

    Fall is my favorite time of year. I just wish it stayed around for longer!

    Happy Weekend!
    xo Catherine

  31. I love Mary Engelbreit! Her artwork with little encouraging words are always so sweet!

    Your photo is very pretty. Did you print on fabric? Very lovely!

    Life has been very busy here too. Never seems to be enough hours in the day! Oh well, we try to do what we can do...:)

    Have a fun weekend with those beautiful children of yours.


  32. You're right. Fall is a good time for small changes!

  33. Wat een mooie 'quote' en zo lees ik er meer op dit mooie blog!
    Ik ben blij je blog zo via via ontdekt te hebben en ga je graag volgen.....
    Van harte welkom om een kijkje te nemen bij 'Le Style' wanneer dit je leuk lijkt!
    Een fijn 'zonnig' weekend.....

    Hartelijke groet

  34. This is so worth remembering Saskia - and so much better than getting negative about things. The world is pretty crazy right now, and we've gotta stay tuned to the goodness in life. Heel fijne herfst - geniet van het zonetje en het mooie kloren? (colors) around! Veel lifes vor een gezellige avond! xx

  35. it is a time of change.
    in CA we are changing from hot day to cool days.
    i love the crisp smell in the air this time of year.
    enjoy each moment.

  36. Prachtige quote Saskia! Groetjes, Colin

  37. ..season of change..That sounds interesting!
    Wish you a nice week!

  38. Prachtige woorden en wat een leuke foto weer, PRACHTIG. fijne week lieve groetjes esther.

  39. hoi hoi

    wat leuk dat je effies bij mij aan kwam, daarom kom ik ook even bij jou.
    Wat heb je een leuk blog zeg ik ga je meteen volgen

    fijne avond

    gr Thamar

  40. Lieve Saskia,

    Ja, ja we zitten al weer 11 dagen aan deze kant en ook ik moet veel inhalen en mijn running shoes aandoen om bloggers te bezoeken! Gisteren thuisgekomen van een weekend in Atlanta bij lieve vrienden. Fijne dagen gehad, alleen moet je alweer inhálen...
    Geniet van dit seizoen. Hier is het ook eindelijk milder en onder de 35 graden nu. Tien graden minder dan voordat we naar Nederland gingen, een héél verschil.


  41. Hi Saskia,
    super mooie quote, ik sta er helemaal achter, change is good! groetjes! Maureen

  42. Dearest sweet saskia, that is a wonderful quote!! Now i know fall it's the changing season! Have a beautiful day sweet friend and love to you!

  43. Hi dear Saskia, what a beautiful image...
    Your texts are always inspiring and true.
    A change is good and necessary.
    Have a nice day.

  44. Wonderful quote - enjoy this season of change, sweet Saskia!

  45. Saskia, Beautiful photo and empowering quote. Thank you. Carmen

  46. Hi Saskia!
    Stopping by to wish you a very sweet weekend with your darlings!
    Gather all the JOY that you can and may sweet, sweet blessings come your way ~
    *God bless you dear ♥,

  47. I love Mary Engelbreit. She is so cheerful. I just had a big change when we moved to Southern California, but it was a change for the good. Thank you for this wonderful quote.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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