24 augustus 2011

Salon du tea

When in France,
we spent quite some time in this lovely tea salon
It is in Ermenonville,
the city where Jean-Jacques Rousseau died many many years ago

I like the idea of English conversations every first Friday of the month

51 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een prachtige foto's heb je gemaakt. De vrolijkheid straalt er vanaf :-)

  2. Zier er gezellig uit! Net als de 'jardin du the' afgelopen zaterdag, lieve groet

  3. It all looks so lovely...I am so glad you had such a nice time there. :D

  4. You did a lovely trip,your photos are gorgeus.

  5. Hi Saskia,
    Lovely place! I'll want have a tea time to you.
    Have a great mid week.

  6. What a charming little place. It looks like you are visiting a friend's house :)

  7. Wonderful location :) made me smile!

  8. It looks so pretty, you must have had a great time :-)

    PS: I'm having a little giveaway on my blog, feel free to pop round xo

  9. Hi Saskia, leuke theesalon, ziet er gezellig uit. Locaties die ik ook altijd graag opzoek in de vakantie.
    Mooi begroeid huis in een idyllisch straatje.
    Lieve groet

  10. Heel gezellig, prachtige foto's!

    Lieve groetjes Michelle xxx

  11. Dat ziet er mega gezellie uit, als ik eens in de buurt ben ga ik er eens langs :)

  12. Enchanting Place To Have Tea!

  13. Lovely photos of a lovely way to live life. Makes me want to slow down and sip tea while smelling the roses. Charming day to you dear...

  14. Another little pocket of pretty in our great big glorious world.
    Thank you for sharing Sass,

    xx Fizz

  15. Wat ziet dat er erg gezellig uit, komt ook doordat je zulke leuke foto's maak, lieve groetjes Esther.

  16. Je bent helemaal in de thee ....hihihi!!!.....nou het word een herfst thee...hier aan de keukentafel.....echt......leuk ???....ik wil ut ik wil ut......hihihi!! ...kom je ook????...liefs van mij....xxx...

  17. Very nice Saskia. Hope all is well with you and your family,

  18. Hé Saskia! Da's lang geleden! Aan je foto's te zien hadden jullie een heel gezellige relaxte tijd in Frankrijk. Altijd leuk om van die affichages of borden met tekst te ontdekken die een lach op je gezicht toveren, vind je niet? Wonder if somewhere in the Englishspeaking world there's a sign: "French conversation every...."?.... ^_^

  19. Il posto sembra una meraviglia! Kiki

  20. Such happy times you share my friend!Those little French shops would put a bounce in my step for sure. oxoxoxxo

  21. Hi Saskia, what a wonderful place to have a cup of tea. I love thep hotos. Great images, as always.
    Have a nice day,

  22. Oh Saskia my friend! Tea is always a great idea, and I just came from a blog that offered ideas for a tea party. As our summer winds down, our thoughts are on this most wonderful of beverages and rituals. I cannot image how wonderful this place must have been my friend. It is so good to have you back; I missed you so much, but you made a memorable trip, and keep the photos coming!!! BISOUS! Anita

  23. How lovely. It looks fun, pleasant, and peaceful.

  24. What a pretty place to sip a cup of tea. I would love to visit France someday and find a little cafe like that. Hope you are having a great week!


  25. Your pictures are always so interesting!

  26. I want to stroll down that lovely lane in your last pic! It's so beautiful!

  27. Hi Saskia!
    Tea time in France! C'est PARFAIT! What a sweet place you found. I love that lovely quiet street you photographed as well. I will enjoy a very late cuppa chamomile and wish you a sweet Thursday dear <3
    Bless you always, Saskia

  28. Ha Saskia.
    Wat ziet dat er gezellig uit en ja wie zou daar nou Engels komen praten.:))) Mooi dat begroeide gebouw.
    Lieve groetjes van Riet

  29. wat een heerlijke plek!!

    ik wens je een mooie dag,
    lieve groet, Tjits

  30. Goodmorning joyful lady!! A place like this can really make the difference! Thanks for sharing, love a bit of morning sweetness!

  31. Wat een apart plekje om een kopje thee te nuttigen!

  32. Dear Saskia,
    what a charming place to have tea :)
    You know that tea is my absolute favorite drink, first in the morning, lunch, 5 o'clock tea, evening, all day ist teatime for me smile!!
    have a nice and sunny weekend

  33. Prekrasno draga Saskia! Kakve divne boje, krasan prostor za čaj.
    Uživaj u Francuskoj za sve nas:)


  34. Hoi Saskia,

    Wat een mooi plekje is dit! Hier had ik ook graag een kopje thee gedronken :-)!

    Een hele gezellige avond!

    Liefs van Madelief x

  35. Dat ziet er gezellig uit :) al die vrolijke kleurtjes.....
    Groetjes Bianca

  36. Ohh, how I envy your flair for the sweet. Great photo's, dreamy in fact! Thanks!

  37. Looks like such a lovely little place to sit and chat a while. We will be in France next week. :) Hope your day is great. Tammy

  38. wauw Saskia, wat ziet dat er geweldig uit!!!!
    groetjes Ester

  39. Hello Saskia!
    I really like this post. I love tea salons, there are some nice tea salons in my country (Hungary) too, and I like to go there to meet friends and have a chat. I absolutely like the tea salon you were in, it looks so calm and lovely. I am sure I would go there if I would have the chance:D
    I absolutely enjoyed watching your pictures,I absolutely "joined the joy":)

  40. What a wonderful place, dearest Saskia!!! Just the way I like. When in France I visited some wonderful places and I wil never forget every single detail...I can even smell those lovely places...one of the most amazing things for me was that I could LIVE what I read in my school books....that was magic!!!!
    Dear Saskia, today I am so tired...quite a hard day...I wish I could meet you in my dreams and we were in Paris having tea and croque monsieur!!!!
    LOve, love!! Bela

  41. that french charm is so contagious!!! love, ivana

  42. Que possamos sempre caminharmos de mãos dadas
    Nunca te abracei, Nem jamais sentiste o meu aperto de mão.
    Diante de um computador Mesas distantes nos separam,
    Embora trocamos mensagens .Nesse mundo encantado.
    Que só a Net pode oferecer...
    É fantástica a nossa amizade.
    Imagens e sentimentos Retratados numa telinha de um micro.
    Um dia talvez... Deixemos o virtual, E chegamos até o real...
    Quem sabe?!
    E pode ser que também Que isso nunca venha acontecer...
    Mas no momento o que importa mesmo É que nos escolhemos ..
    Para usufruir essa amizade Tão linda e tão pura!!!
    E dentro desse bem Que nos fez irmãos de jornadas,
    Eu peço todos os dias Que ilumine cada vez mais a estrada da tua vida...
    Para que eu possa Por muito tempo ainda Te chamar carinhosamente:
    A Deus sua presença Perfeita
    Ele me abençoou
    Com sua amizade..
    Você especial para mim..
    Um abençodo final de semana beijos meus..

  43. LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos, as always!! Love this cafe and can only hope to travel there one day!!
    Blessings for a happy weekend my friend!! :) :) :)

  44. Hi Saskia,
    I wish that you have a lovely weekend.

  45. Hi Saskia,

    What lovely images you have here! Very sweet, indeed....dear friend!

    Have a joyful weekend...God bless,



    Thank you for your visit. You are like a sister, and if you come, it feels like family. Are you getting the children ready for school? I am not even ready....at least, my outlook. Summer has really relaxed me, but the demands of school will soon change that!!!

    Enjoy the beautiful remnants of summer mijn lieve Saskia! Anita

  47. Dearest sweet saskia, that is such a beautiful place!! Loving all the little details there. Thanks so much for sharing! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  48. Wauw zo gaaf,ik ben in strijd met mijzelf over kleur,ik heb een voornamelijk wit huis,maar de buitenlandse bladen laten mij zien dat kleur zo mooi is,dat ik het niet meer weet haha,lieve groet Joke,xx


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