7 mei 2011

Shoes on ..

Dutch shoes on American soil ..

American shoes on Dutch soil..

I am home sweet home again

a House is made of walls and beams,
a Home is built with love and dreams

Off to catch up with all you lovelies
Have a great weekend and a wonderful Mother's day !


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  1. Hi Saskia,
    I'm happy with your return!
    Have a lovely and sunny weekend.

  2. Welcome back Saskia and family! I bet it must feel wonderful to be back in your own house and sleeping in your own bed! Enjoy being home!

    Best wishes and happy Mother's day,

  3. liking what you've done there!
    Hope you had happy/inspiring travels?
    Only three weeks til I go on my jolly hols...counting the sleeps (and trying to reduce the lb's in anticipation of swimsuit!)
    lots of love to you
    fee ♥

  4. Anoniem7/5/11

    Welcome home!

    Warm greetings from Sas

  5. Precious, precious Saskia.....I love you. Your shoes have traveled far and wide now, and you have stepped on American soil. My dream is to take my shoes, well-worn, to your part of the world so I can see that beautiful face that beamed with love that day we spoke...what a dream come true. THANK YOU for coming to leave such a kind and moving comment. I am looking through glassy and teary eyes as I realize how our words can affect one another...bless you dearest and rest well so you can enjoy your CHILDREN THIS FINE HOLIDAY!!!! BISES, Anita

  6. AH! Caught the love with both hands.....what joy. Anita

  7. Hi Saskia, welcome back and Home sweet Home!!!
    Have a nice and joyful Mother day :)

  8. Glad you got back safe and sound. x

  9. Anoniem7/5/11

    sweetie i am glad you're back safe and sound
    i hope you enjoyed your time in the USA
    love those pictures ~ if those shoes could only tell their stories!!! we'd be reading your posts for months :D
    happy happy mother's day ~ and come back soon!

  10. so happy you're home safely, saskia. i hope you had a wonderful trip and i can't wait to hear all about it.

    happy mothers's day, my friend.

  11. Dearest Saskia,
    Is it wonderful to be home? Hope you have only happy memories of your trip to the USA!

  12. Hoi Saskia,

    Gezellig dat je weer terug bent! Ik hoop dat jullie een heerlijke tijd hebben gehad in de VS.

    Wil je nog kijken of je de 20e augustus kan?

    Een fijne moederdag toegewenst!

    Lieve groet, Madelief xox

  13. Lovely - as always. Your photography is amazing!

  14. Hello Saskia!

    It's been a little while since I've visited you here, and I've just been catching up on all your USA posts. Looks like you had a lovely time, gorgeous photos, full of surprise and joy as ever.

    Welcome home and happy mothers day to you!

  15. Lovely photos and words, as always.
    I'll spend my sunday with my mother and my two sons. It'll be a nice day.
    Wish you a wonderful mother's day too!

  16. Hi Saskia!
    I'm so glad you had a wonderful time in the USA. Your photos of the shoes is so perfect for your journey to and from. They tell me that your journey was JOY*filled and safe. What memories your children will have of this time here. I am sure you took lots and lots of photos and video... this will help the littlest ones to remember ~ as will all the talk and reminiscing! Our family went to California way back in '92 {Jason was only 4½} and they all still talk about it!
    Blessing to you and your whole family! You are such a wonderful mother and so dear to us all. Happy Mother's Day, Saskia!
    *x o x o

  17. Oh, congrats on a safe return to your very happy and love-filled home!!! Get some rest, dearie!

  18. What great pictures! I know there is nothing like being home!!!!


  19. great that you re back.... me too!
    ~laura xx

  20. great post. I hope that you had a great time in the us!!! Welcome home.

  21. Great pics of the US, hope you had a lot of fun. Best wishes for a Happy Mothers Day Saskia.
    Rebecca x

  22. Hi Saskia!
    Thank you for visiting my blog! I like those American shoes. I think I need some just like them, GREEN! I like your happy blog!

  23. Hoih Saskia, Welcome home!!! Het zonnetje schijnt so lekker en ik heb een copje coffee met een vriendin and think of you! Thanks for your sweet visit today - Du hastt alles richtig gesagt en ik wens jou een lekkerer Mothers day as well. Cheers to all beautiful, loving mums around here! OMG, what a strange 3 language comment, excusez moi, mais j'ai beaucoup de plaizier ;) kusje van M.

  24. Hej Saskia

    There is nothing like the comfort of your own home...LOVE the saying you quoted ;-)
    Thank you for your kind words always.
    I hope your package arrived safely to you too.

  25. I'm sure your thrilled to be home, but I hope you enjoyed your time here in America.
    Happy Mother's Day to you too!

  26. I love this post Saskia...I am sure you will have had a wonderful time...but there is no place like home...
    Wishing you a lovely weekend,
    Susan x

  27. che belle foto mia cara! Buon fine settimana a te...qua si festeggia la festa della mamma!

  28. Fijn dat je weer thuis bent! en jullie reis was vast een succes!

    Fijn weekend, fijne moederdag
    Lieve groetjes Michelle

  29. Wonderful post. So sweet. Hapy Mother's Day to you too.

  30. Welcome home sweet home. Sweet post. Happy mothers day, Saskia.


  31. Welcome home and have a nice Mother's day

  32. Anoniem7/5/11

    Gave schoenen heb je meegenomen,welkom thuis,fijne dag morgen,lieve groet Joke,x

  33. fijn dat je er weer bent,

    een fijne moederdag,


  34. Hang on to that lovely feeling!

  35. Welcome home! Jullie hebben vast heel erg genoten net als wij in Istanbul....lieve groet

  36. Jawel ook hier is het morgen moederdag, maar hier doen ze het 2 maal per jaar...maar die van morgen is de echte ;-))

    Liefs Michelle xxx

  37. How wonderful!

    It would be the happiest of happy days if Dutch shoes could step on Australian soil [preferably at my beach] or my Aussie shoes could land on your Dutch soil.

    xx to you Sass

  38. Thanx, en jij wordt morgen 4x in de watten gelegd...geniet ervan!
    Lieve groetjes

  39. Love your poem and photographs,

  40. Heerlijk er gaat niks boven thuis zijn toch ??? geniet van een heerlijke verwen moederdag......ik ben doodmoe....twas zooo druk vandaag...visite net weg...zit nog lekker buiten tis heerlijk.....zie alleen alles dubbel van de rosee of van de moeheid wieweet????...liefs van mij....xxx...xxx...xxx..

  41. Such cute images and ideas you have. It is good to get home isn't it...with all those sweet memories. I bet your wee ones are happy to have their beds back too.

    xoxoxo Happy Mother's DaY!

  42. Saskia, ik wens je ook een fijn moeder's dag.

  43. Aw, I love your creative mind! Such cute pics!
    I do hope you will fill us in on your USA adventures!
    Lots of love and a Happy Mother's Day to you ;)
    gi gi

  44. Hope you had a good time.

    Happy Mother's Day - Love, sandie

  45. °º♥ ·.Amiga!

    ♥ Bom fim de semana!
    Feliz Dia das Mães!!!


    º° ✿♥ ♫° ·.

  46. Saskia I am so happy to know you arrived home safely. Your post is lovely as usual and I loved the message. Have a very Happy Mother's Day my friend.

  47. I hope your heart is filled with much happiness after 3 weeks of holiday with your family. What a nice way to cap it off with a Mother's Day celebration. Happy Mother's Day sweetie!

  48. Hi Saskia,

    Home sweet home - there is NO PLACE better on this earth! I love those images with the shoes. What a brilliant idea.

    Happy Mother's Day to you too!
    hi-d xoxo

  49. So happy you had a nice holiday and safe travels. Beautiful photos...Happy Mother's Day! Shine

  50. ♥ Nháá que lindeza...
    - Adorei'
    beijos grande floR ✿

    Twitter.: @loja_zart

  51. CUTE!!!
    you always have the cutest shoes and shoe pics. :) :) :)
    i hope you had a wonderful trip and that you are enjoying settling back in at home. :)
    blessings and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! :)

  52. Very cute shoes! Welcome home and Happy Mother's Day!!!

  53. Dear Saskia,

    So happy to hear that you are safely back home again. Such a sweet post with the shoes.

    Happy Mother's day, dear friend

  54. Dearest Saskia,

    Happy Mother's Day and enjoy your time on 'your' side of the Ocean.

    Lots of love,


  55. Anoniem8/5/11

    Welcome home! It looks like you have a lovely time!

  56. Bienvenue à la maison!
    Vakantie is heerlijk, maar lekker weer thuis zijn is minstens zo fijn, vind je ook niet?
    Voor jou ook een mooie Moederdag gewenst!
    Bisous, Chantal

  57. Ahhhh...those shoes have had a JOYfilled journey, and traveled FAR and W I D E. Oh, I have missed you so very much. Have a Marvelous Mothers Day with your SWEET, SWEET babies...xo...Rosie

  58. Fijn dat jullie weer veilig thuis zijn en aan je foto's te zien hebben jullie het gezellig gehad, Groetjes Esther.

  59. The week end is almost finished so...I wish you a great week!!!!

  60. There is no place like HOME ~ Happy Mother's Day ;-)

  61. A Happy Mother's Day to you too! =)

  62. Goedemorgen lieve Saskia,ik geniet hier weer van je originele post....ik denk dat jullie een super vakantie achter de rug hebben....veel plezier nu met was en plas.....dikke knuffel en een hele prachtige nieuwe week voor jullie xxx

  63. Thank you for your comment on my post. I came "over" to meet you here and enjoyed all the sweetness.

    I have been to Pennsylvania. Your pictures of the Amish countryside were charming. We live in Amish country ourselves here in N.E. Indiana.

    I hope you enjoyed YOUR Mother's Day and look forward to more sweetness and joy from your side of the ocean.

  64. There is nothing like the feeling of coming home is there? And sleeping in your own bed? Heaven!!!

    So glad you made it home safe and sound and I hope you had a wonderful weekend Saskia!
    xo Catherine

  65. What a happy ending photo for your trip! Hope you enjoy home again:)

  66. Hi Saskia!!
    I loved your blog. Beatiful pictures and greats ideas.

    from Brazil

  67. I am so glad you got home safely...no place like home after a long vacation is there?! I hope you will remember your vacation here with happy memories. :D

  68. I am back toooooo!!!!
    So so but sooooo happy you are back, dearest Friend, Saskia!!! In Dutch soil or in American soil you are my sweetest Friend ever!!!
    Things have been hectic around here!!! So many orders...that is great and that makes my time fly...
    We traveled last weekend and will again next one! Family appointments in other city. Sorry if I missed wishing you a wonderful mother´s day, sweety!! There was no way to be on internet where we were. Sorry! I bet your day was filled with the most amazing and lovely emotions as long as you are the best mother ever, dear Saskia!!!
    Aila is speaking everything, dear!!! She speaks as a parrot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She does not stop talking!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tells me stories, asks me the strangest questions...sings muchhhhhh...speaks English (she thinks she does:o)...asks me to drive her to school...and her dad is worried because she said she wants to find her prince!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!rsrsrsrsrs....oh, Lord!!! She thinks she is a princess and then she needs a prince!!! Poor daddy!!!rsrsr...
    Love you dear Saskia!!!
    Be fine!!!
    Kiss every pretty cheak around you!!!

  69. Hi Saskia,

    Welcome home!
    In your photos, it appeared that you had an enjoyable journey...:) I am so glad you got to visit. Lovely shoe photos!!!

    I hope your Mother's Day was full of loving memories.


  70. Dearest sweet saskia, Welcome HOme!!! I've been following your vacation via FB and it was such an awesome vacation.
    Happy mother's day and i hope you had a lovely merry happy celebration! Love to you!

  71. Welcome back home!.It's nice travelling...but also sweet to find again what you love, your home that is like a friend waiting you and your family !.

  72. Dearest sweet saskia, thank you so much for your lovely sweet words on my little bubble space. :)
    Yes those cute little tins with pretty print on it are lip balms made by my sweet booth neighbor, Patty. I will buy you one of those little tins and mail it your way when i see Patty the next time!!! Will keep you updated sweet friend! :)
    I also adore that Marlynn weekend tote in gorgeous japanese vintage camera fabric! It was sold to a really sweet lovely lady. :)
    Have a lovely merry happy day sweet friend and love to you!


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