8 oktober 2010

F = For ....

Today it's for

Feet & Fireplace

Cold children's feet
in front of a
cozy warm fireplace


I came up with the idea
of giving away one pink bracelet
for the awareness of breast cancer
every Friday in October
So spread the word
or the picture as you wish

The first two bracelets
will travel to

* Lea ~ my letters to Emily
* Martina ~ mvs impressions

Have a Fun-filled Friday & weekend all of you !


50 opmerkingen:

  1. Saskia dearest....that photo of the feet and the fireplace just tickles me pink and warms my heart!!!! You love life, don't you? You are so kind.....Anita

  2. Viva!!! to Lea and Martina!!!! Lucky girls!!!

    Saskia, dear Friend from far far away...I DO enjoy when I look at my sidebar and see YOU posted something new!!!!! I come fast and curious...how will the pic be? Will there be any one of her blessed beauties there? Is she talking about poetry? Quotes? ???? ??
    Those feet up to sky are soooooooo CUTE, Saskia! They are enjoying Friday, already!

    Here in Brasil we have a lonnng weekend. A four-day holiday!!! Go figure! Daddy home helping with little Aila and sleeping more and having all meals together!!!! Beach!!! Maybe we are gonna go to catch some treasures at the beach! If Mr. Sun decides to come and stay!

    Much much much love for YOU and the little bees!!!!! Bela.

  3. That is so cute and thats about what I have been doing all day...it's cold here! ;D

  4. I love that sweet photo - Happy Friday to you and your family!

  5. Beautifu photos! Love the fireplace!

  6. Awww, the feet in front of the fireplace are just darling. :) It's getting chilly here, too, then the next day we are surprised by a warm day again. Soon it will be very cold and we'll look back at the pictures we are taking now when we weren't sure whether to wear a sweater outside or not. ;)


  7. Prachtig hoor, die kleine kindervoetjes voor het enorme haardvuur, leuk!
    Enne... stuur je eens wat van dat blauw richting onze kanten? :)

  8. Look at that adorable picture and those cute little feet!! That's something I like to do :-)

    Oh and did you put in your city at LOCATION CENTRAL yet? It's the blog where you find other bloggers in your area.

  9. Hi Saskia,
    Congrats for Lea and Martina.
    The little feet are so cute!I love the pic!
    Have a great friday.

  10. What a cutie pic, Saskia!
    Yeah... in the cold weather our kid's leg must have need a fire to make it more warm...
    And congrats to the winner of your lovely bracelet...

    Just hope you have a great Friday, my sweet friend!
    hugs and kisses,

  11. What a cozy picture of the fireplace and little feet! This may be a silly question, but do all fireplaces look like that where you live? Please don't laugh!! :)

  12. I love those warm and cozy little feet...how sweet! Have a nice weekend too....my friend!

  13. Such a cute pic of those little toes being warmed by the fire:) We are doing exactly the same over here on the other side of the world, today!! Wishing a wonderful weekend to you and your sweeties:) Hugs ~ Tina xx

  14. Anoniem8/10/10

    Love the picture by the fireplace ... so beautiful. What a wonderful thing to do! You are amazing!


  15. Jaaaaaaren geleden, kocht ik er ook eentje!! Volgens mij was het een van de eerste dingen die ik via internet kocht!

    Je moest de armband toen dragen tot hij versleten was en afviel, en dan mocht je een wens doen!

    Wat de tijd vliegt!!

    Geniet van het weekend!!

    Groetjes Thea

  16. Wat een prachtige F Saskia, en zo schattig, die voetjes voor de kachel. Gelukkig is het vandaag weer mooi weer, en kunnen we ons nog even warmen in de zon,
    Een heel fijn weekend toegewenst.
    Liefs Ester

  17. Ongeloofliijk schattig die voetjes !
    Jouw lieverdjes verdienen 10/10 van juf Baptista
    voor de geweldige handstand !
    En je idee om van oktober een pink ribbon maand te maken is geweldig !
    geniet van het weekend
    het wordt 21 ° !
    hugs and kisses

  18. I love the fireplace and the feets :)
    Dank je voor je lieve berichtje op mijn blog. Ja waar haal ik de tijd vandaan? Andere dingen niet doen :)
    xxx en fijn weekend

  19. The fire place is really nice. Have a nice weekend.

  20. Hey Saskia wat een leuke foto weer met de kleine voetjes van je kids...prachtig hoor je haardvuur!oogt zeker gezelligheid bij jullie,en wat een geslaagde vorige post hé?zoveel mooie reacties....je verdient het!!!!

    veel liefs en voor vanavond veel gezelligheid samen...

  21. Heerlijk warm die kleinen voetjes voor de haard. Fijn weekend Groetjes Esther.

  22. SO cute! I just discovered your blog so am looking forward to more of your stunning photos! :)

  23. Gorgeous little feet to be warmed by the fire! I can almost feel the beaut of the Autumn the change in the leaves. I am lucky to see from your photos the joys of Autumn and yet experiences our joys of Spring! Today as we were driving we passed a meadow full of beautiful daisy and then a field of trees all bursting into bloom.

    Congratulations to your winners and such a beautiful thing to do for October your are so very special and thoughtful my lovely friend.

    Enjoy the remainder of Friday and wishing you a weekend of wonderful happiness. xxx

  24. Soo cute pics, Happy friday Saskia! xoxox alice

  25. Saskia, that is sooooooo sweet of you! You're such a dear friend, and i love to come visit here and warm my feet on that gorgeous fireplace! Een fijn weekend en veel liefs! xx

  26. So sweet....nothing cuter than sweet feet..love that fireplace!

    You are the kindess soul I know! xoxoxoxo

  27. love those sweet little toes warming in front of the toasty fire. cute image, saskia.

    hope your weekend is warm and toasty!


  28. oh saskia,

    how sweet are those little toes in front of
    that very cool fireplace?

    thank for my lovely bracelet! i'm going to
    pass it along to a very sweet little brazilian
    girl next week. :)


  29. Die vier voetjes op rij, maken me blij.
    Enige foto.
    Lief, de armbandjes op vrijdag.
    Fijn weekend

  30. what a great idea to give away that bracelet! everyone should be aware of breast cancer!


  31. Que fotos mas preciosas!! La de las hojas es sencilla pero me encanta. Y la de los pies super original y tierna. Asi da gusto una tarde de otoño :D
    Besos y feliz fin de semana!!!

  32. SASKIA! How nice of you to visit and put on your boots with me! Let's take a walk down those lovely canals you have out there in the Netherlands and see the beautiful scenery! I hope you are enjoying this lovely season! BON WEEKEND! Anita

  33. Hi Saskia!
    You come up with such sweet ideas ♥
    I soooo love the feet and fireplace photo!
    one for the scrapbook for sure ~

    Blessings to you always dear friend *
    ps. I've had a long week... it's so nice to see Friday night come ~

  34. Those sweet little toes make me smile! :)

    xo Catherine

  35. F is for fantastic post.
    Congrats to the pink winners.
    Happy weekend saskia

  36. What sweet photos to usher in the Fall Season!
    So pretty!
    Have a cozy weekend...:)
    xoxo Gloria

  37. OMG!! I've been away for a looong time (one month???) and when i arrive at your blog i see this picture... LOVE IT!!

  38. Nothing better than little feet:)
    You take the greatest photos:))
    Happy weekend to you!

  39. You must check out my "Happy Friday" blog I posted today. :)
    I added a little something special for your tractor-loving little one!! :)
    BLESSINGS!!! :)

  40. Dearest sweet saskia, such a lovely sweet post and i enjoy that happy warm feet photo! Your pink bracelets are really gorgeous and such a wonderful giveaway you are doing here for breast cancer awareness! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  41. A cozy fireplace seems like the perfect way to spend a fall weekend! How lovely! Have a warm and wonderful weekend!

  42. Er gaat niets boven een lekker haardvuur!

    Liefs Claudia

  43. love those little feet getting warm.

    pink is an important color for breast cancer awareness month. i wear my pink lots in honor of those who have or are suffering from breast cancer and those who have lost the battle.

    bless you.

  44. Great idea. Nice pic. I finished my sneak peak project by the way.

  45. Hey friend!

    The fireplace pic warms me just by looking at it!
    I love the way your pics always give me a good feeling!
    And congratulations for the lucky girls!!!!!

    Have a great weekend! I hope your day is shiny and warm like mine today! (80F!)

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  47. oh a fireplace would make me so happy right now =)

  48. Hi Saskia,
    I had the best time catching up with all that I missed over here. Those tiny toes are so sweet. I wish I had tiny toes around here still. All the feet here are getting WAY TOO BIG latey!

    I hope you had the sweetest time on your trip. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures with us,


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